Bollywood star Yashpal Sharma at the screening of Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Season 2

Bhiwani, August 20: A Press Conference was organized regarding the screening. Bollywood star Yashpal Sharma and the team of Tamam Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Part 2 and founders of Stage App Vinay Singhal, Shashank Vaishnav and Praveen Singla arrived as chief guests. Stage App was launched as a way to take Haryana’s bid to the national-international level. It is a great initiative, and it has been done first by giving a platform to Haryanvi artists, where 600 artists associated with the Haryanvi dialect are working in different web series and short movies and many other concepts. Talking about the culture and cinema of Haryana, many good stories have come and gone on screen. Then there came a time when it seemed that Haryanvi cinema as art should not remain as history in the growing era. Vinay Singhal, born in the Bhiwani district at the time of the death of Haryanvi culture and cinema, prepared the staging app to elevate the Haryanvi culture and cinema. For the first several years, the app was delivered to every household for free. Also, on this platform where Haryanvi artists were struggling for their employment. Whose livelihood was in danger? The artists were constantly demanding from the state government for the film policy and the support amount for the artists. For such artists, one such platform of Haryanvi culture and cinema, Stage App, was released. Where not only employment was arranged for the artists, it has done the work of reviving the dying artistry of the artists. Stage app is not only making artists work with self-reliance. Viswas Chauhan, the finalist of the Laughter Challenge show from Haryana, has made a significant contribution to giving a stage to Haryanvi artistes through Stage App and working in Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Part Two. Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Pehli. There is such a web series whose second part has been made on the audience’s demand, in which the public has appreciated not only Vishu, but also the characters of barber and uncle.

Watching the screening of Season 2 of the Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi web series, a young Vishu is seen fighting for his honour, trapped between the tussles of job, land, politics and family. In today’s era where the young man is stuck in the struggle for his job and the farmer, on the other hand, is battling for farming, land and saving his existence – this web series represents all of them. Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Season 2 Screening of Launched by Bollywood star Yashpal Sharma. Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Season – 2 will release on 20th August on Stage App. Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Season – 2 is witnessing an increase in viewers from the news of Season-2. In the web series Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Part 2, the main artist Vishwas Chauhan will be seen as the main character. Also, Bollywood’s famous faces Sunil Chitkara, Dr. Satish Kashyap, are playing a significant role in the film.

Along with this, Krishna Natak will also be seen due to his character. The same actress will be seen as Vaishnavi Sharma. Vishwas Chauhan and Ashish Kaushik have written the web series, and PWOI has directed it.

Stage app has got more than 15 lakh downloads on Play Store. More than 500 videos have been uploaded on the Stage app. At the same time, during the screening of the film, Bollywood stars Yashpal Sharma, Professor Munish Nandal, Lakhmichand film writer Raju Mann, Vinay Singhal, Shashank Vaishnav, Praveen Single, Star Vishwas Chauhan, Bollywood star Sunil Chitkara, Dr. Satish Kashyap, Krishna Natak and Tej App team were there.

Yashpal Sharma Ji has brought the culture of Haryana to a global level through Dadalakhmichand. And through this app, he talked about the change coming in Haryanvi cinema. Vinay Singal, director of Stage App, made a revolutionary change in the cinema world. We have talked about bringing through channels. And the work on that has also started. Various types of shows with dubbed films and many types of content will reach the Haryanvi audience soon. Due to which thousands of artists will get employment with respect. According to the lead actor Vishwas Chauhan, the actors who used to be exploited for content and linguistic things will no longer happen. Today, Haryanvi is getting great respect and respect. In a true sense, Stage App is a new era. Haryanvi has brought for cinema and artists.