GaiaQ Digital Marketing – Transforming the Digital Space

New Delhi [India], June 8: Content writing is a highly specialized job today, with the clients demanding the sky when it comes to their needs. Although the number of content writing services has mushroomed in the past few years in an unprecedented manner, one company that has managed to create its niche amidst mediocrity is GaiaQ, whose Founder-CEO, Aakshey Talwar, is serving across the spectrum and getting recognized for it as well. “Content builds relationships, adds commitment, and drives revenue,” adds Aakshey. GaiaQ has kept up with all the market trends and so, the has decided to venture into digital marketing services too. Operating under the same brand name, the company will also be taking on clients who want to reap the benefits of online marketing through some clever, out-of-the-box thinking

Aakshey had just passed high school when in 2008, he founded “Weaving Thoughts”, which became India’s first pure-play Content Marketing startup. However, he didn’t rush into it. This firm was a result of months of hard work, intense analysis, and meticulous planning on part of Aakshey and his team. Weaving Thoughts was born with the firm belief that content marketing was to be made the “most effective and credible forms of marketing.” The fact that Indian businesses have taken to content writing, just like fish to water, corroborates his belief that this is one activity, which could help businesses connect & engage with their target audience in a much more meaningful way.

When Weaving Thoughts came to life, content marketing was just a nascent business idea for India, with most content writing work being carried out behind the scenes by smaller players in an unorganized manner. However, within 5 years of the startup being formed, content marketing had become an integral part of the marketing mix, with almost 85% of global companies committing to it officially. So, Weaving Thoughts became GaiaQ and entered a new phase of its life. Today, the content marketing company works with clients who want Content Marketing as well as Strategic Consulting services for their needs. Talking about his business model, Aakshey informs, “We ensure that you don’t have to shop around for other article writing services if you decide to buy content from us. You can hire writers for any industry if you choose us.”

GaiaQ has today managed to diversify into digital marketing including SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media Marketing, forming a new company – Gaia Internet – in the process. With such clients as Sony, The Hyatt Group, The Times Group, OYO Rooms, Policy Bazaar, Upgrad, and Cremica, in its kitty, Aakshey’s venture has come a long way in making content writing as well as content marketing the standalone aspect of business marketing.