Beauty Kart, a beauty destination that filled the gap of beauty and authenticity in India

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 15: Counterfeits are likely to be seen in almost all the fields and it is especially seen in cosmetics and beauty fields. Several items are designed with the same name, logo, and so on to attract the buyers and it will end up negatively. Even high quality and top brands are available in the local market away from the showroom and those are said to be counterfeits and the practice is common here in India.

Whoever the seller is whether it is a retailing sale or wholesale option, It is paramount to check the name and special codes. Buying beauty products from authorized sellers with proper receipts is more than a requisite. Even if it said that the product is available in the market with discounts without receipts, one has to claim for the purchase details.

Packaging differs from product to product and from the packaging type, you can easily get to know the exact product. If the product is delivered from top brand covers and envelope will be so tight and compact to make sure no spilling occurs. Further, one can check the bar code available in the product to check its authenticity.

Beauty Kart, an e-commerce retail merchandise of authentic products around the globe launched into the beauty industry in 2020. The brand’s vision is to deliver authentic products to consumers through its unique shopping services. Their product portfolio constitutes every product from drug stores to niche brands. Word has the brand is in talks with prominent brands like SKI –II, Cosrx, Dr. Ceuracle among others. “ Consumers are lacking information about international products. Counterfeit trade in beauty and personal care has seen a significant rise. It is very sad to know many consumers are putting their skin at stake by opting for fake products without knowing they have lured in for trade for shrewd prices” says Tejaswi Velivela, CEO of BeautyKart.

Skincare regime has become a hobby for most people to look beautiful, even during these zoom boom times. This season, Beauty Kart gave a glimpse of trendy skin lines from across the globe. To know more about such brands and their best products, continue reading to have an excellent skincare regime.

SKI II – The Japanese skincare

SKI II is an award-winning Japanese skincare product with the exclusive ingredient PITERA that keeps the skin young and beautiful. For nearly forty years, these Japanese skin care products derived from yeast and owned by Procter & Gamble redefine skincare worldwide. Many of its products are available in Beauty Kart, and it is hard to choose the best product among them. A few of the best sellers include PITERA Power Kit, Gen Optics Aura Essence Scrum, PITERA Aura Kit, and many more. But their best is the SKI II Facial Treatment Essence powered by PITERA, which has over 50 micronutrients to provide many incredible beauty benefits. It gives ageless healthier skin without wrinkles and fine lines as it strengthens the skin and hastens recoveries from the many damages. Within two weeks of using it, the skin improves in texture, firmness, radiance, and wrinkle resistance to give a glowing, gorgeous look.

COSRX – The Korean skincare

K-Beauty is the changing phenomenon in the world’s beauty industry, as many experts confirm its skincare technology is 10 years ahead of others. It is because of the formulation of the Korean skin products to nourish the skin from the inside out to the deepest layers. COSRX is one of the leading Korean brands to protect and hydrate the skin and maintain its health for a glowing, radiant complexion for a long time. Even it takes its name from cosmetics for the COS and RX for denoting prescription. It commits to creating effective skin-friendly products that are affordable to all. With BeautyKart introducing many COSRX products, it isn’t easy to choose the best among them. Few of the best products include.

COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

COSRX Centella Blemish Cream

There are many others, but it could be the COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream to pick the best.

As Indians have to work and travel under the sun more than many other countries, this best Korean CORSX sun cream could be their skin saviour. Formulated with 5,500 ppm from the Aloe leaf extract, it moisturizes the skin and protects it from the harmful UV A and UV-B rays.

Biologique Recherche – The French skincare

For the past over 40 years, Biologique Recherche, the fantastic French skincare product, is available in many parts of the world. BeautyKart brings these miracle skincare products loaded with high-quality, pure, and active ingredients. Many fashion icons worldwide praise the Biologique Recherche methodology based on the clinical approach to skincare’s astounding effectiveness. There are many best products to choose from for having a luminous glowing complexion for that gorgeous look. Mhm. It is needless to say we are spoilt for choice for this season.

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