After the heavy alcohol consumption during the four phases of the blockade, the inhabitants are now concentrating on getting their body and mind back into shape. It seems that after making pizzas and cakes and preparing all kinds of tempting dishes in their forties, the citizens now want to stay on the diet to get back in shape!

The owner of a shop in Gurugram, Sangheta Goyal, was shocked by her weight when she was recently weighed on the scales. She says… : I am 5 kg heavier in the lock, and I understand it in version 1.0! My weight gain is not so visible because of my height, but when I put myself on the scales, I was in shock. Last week I started walking around in my garden and rocking iron and decided to keep my diet under control. I’ve asked my husband to lose this weight in 20 days.

Some citizens have formed groups in their society for their daily work and keep a social distance in the process. Residents of Faridabad Sector 11 take a bike ride in a nearby park. Kamal Aggarwal, a businessman with his own office in Faridabad, says that it is important to be mentally healthy, and that the blockade has affected our mental and physical health. So I decided to go cycling with my friends from Heights and nearby Praven. And when we started, it was so good. We need to get back to our office soon, so it’s important to get back to the same routine we all followed for the lockdown.

Kamal Aggarwal went cycling with his friends.

To be mentally healthy, it is important to be physically healthy, and the blockage has affected our mental and physical health. So I decided to take a bike ride in the area with my friends Haytes and Praven. – Kamal Aggarwal, a businessman.

Mansi Gulati, a Gurughram teacher, says. I used to go to the gym five days a week, but because of the blockage, because my gym is closed, I don’t see any sign that it will open soon, and I don’t have the motivation to train at home. At first I thought about letting my body rest a bit, and soon I was completely immersed in the cooling mode. No gym, no training, just eating and watching! But now that the lock is gradually closing, I’ve been taking online classes in dentistry, and that’s fun! I can burn at least half the calories I consume!

Celebrities also play a crucial role in disseminating fitness knowledge. Many of them take care of it on social networking sites. A recent example is that of the actress Aliya Bhatt, who wrote on her Instagram: 60 days after the last one is stronger, thinner, better in farmerpa, much better in jumping, much better in push-ups, super obsessed with running, super obsessed with good food and waiting to come back for the next test.

Pratik Khanna, an entrepreneur from Delhi, says: I felt this motivation when I read the fast Aliya… We have to treat our bodies with love and care, and I’m fully prepared for that after they fast. I trained twice a day at shorter intervals and paid attention to a good diet; for me, these two habits are the key to good health. I don’t want to look like a potato couch when I walk into my office!

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