T.I. invited his lovely wife, Tiny Harris, to Expediately discuss some very interesting topics. That includes marriage, love life and other spicy things. Watch the video Tip and Tiny put in their social media accounts.

Mr. and Mrs. H H H heard my dear wife Mrs. H (with her caped ass) and I discuss marriage, love, sex… and more on #Expediately @youtube OUT NOW‼️Ohhhh . Who has seen friends and family coughing from this WEEK? What do you think? Comments below : Tip subtitled his post. Tip subtitled his post.

One of the followers noticed: The key word, he said, is girls, not women. We need some kind of substance. You are very welcome and thank you! And someone else said: He doesn’t lie, women claim they want a man who respects them, but they accept a man who doesn’t respect them on all levels! You’re right. You’re right.

Someone else said: Most women choose a man as their father, even though he is nowhere to be found. It’s small, we have to get through.

Another commentator said yes, music is the soulless half of today, always looking for her soul. I, attracted to a new normal life, will make you believe that love no longer exists! will always be a market for him.

Someone else had this point of view: I agree with Tiny, but I understand that artists who make music that pays the bills… both here!

said the other pendant: The influence is no longer the love and respect of your wife / husband! It’s a scam, a trick, a prostitute, and so on. Yes, it’s true! Love is no longer a message! And you can see it all over the world!

Another fan praised Tiny’s attitude and said I was proud of you, Tiny! You stood up for our women and you told the truth. They did not lie down and accepted some of the comments made, good work, Sister! Tell them!


Tiny excited fans not long ago when she revealed that T.I. and Tiny: Friends and family are back.


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