CHINO HILLS (CBSLA) – Costco limits purchases of supplies and prohibits returns to facilitate panic purchases during the coronavirus pandemic.

A sign for Chino Hills Costco warns customers that they do not have 13 basic food and hygiene products (credit: CBSLA).

Last week it was difficult to find products like water and toilet paper in every store in Southern California. That’s why the company stops buying in the panic of a coronavirus pandemic.

While the carts are still stacked in Costco stores in the south, shopkeepers say bulk purchases gradually become smoother during a COVID 19 flash.

This was the second time I’ve done this in the last few hours, client Cheryl Kalin said, adding that she had come back to stock food for her family. I had to call my sister to find out what she needed.

In Montclair they use pallets, road cones and construction nets to place people outside and control the crowds in the shop.

Costco stores also limit the number of essential items customers can purchase and prohibit the return of newly built items, including toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, water, rice and lisol.

They can’t come back! Kalin said. These customers are overbought.

Robert and Tina Kinder, two other Costco clients, said they believe that stricter rules, previously adopted, would greatly facilitate the transition to this pandemic.

It puts them back in place somehow, Tina said of the new rules. You can’t do that! to deploy people in a time of national crisis.

They say everything will be all right if we take care of each other and abide by the new rules, such as the order Governor Gavin Newsome gave Thursday to stay in his own country at this uncertain time.

I think it’s very important to spend time with your family. Stay home, Robert said.