Social distance becomes physical distance, Cal Paulie becomes an alternative hospital

Wade Horton, San Luis Obispo County administrative officer, and Penny Borenstein, the county health commissioner, announced Wednesday 25 that the Obispo County Department of San Luis will hold a conference on the San Luis Obispo County Health System. March, an update.

Horton recognized the local podcast for the first time and noticed the difference between social and physical distance.

The difference becomes clear when you look at friends who walk in places like the Atasquadero lake. They are socially connected, but physically far apart – according to the two-metre rule.

If you have food for you or your family, go to or call 805-543-2444, Horton said. If you are over 65 years old or have a health problem, please call us. Tomorrow we deliver to about 355 households.

Horton also asked for help with childcare.

We are looking at existing childcare facilities, according to Horton. If you are young, healthy, willing and able to serve, let us know how you can help.

The number of cases doubled last week, but the increase was small with a jump of less than 10% in the total number of cases in one night, from 42 to 46. The increase in the number of cases has doubled over time. Of the 46 cases, two are in the hospital and one is in intensive care. The remaining houses are currently being restored or rebuilt – seven of them are registered as restored. In the SLO district there were no deaths related to COWID-19.

Borenstein says that the day is expected to be slower, not necessarily because of the end of the spread of the disease. She added that waiting is always an exponential jump in neighborhood cases.

Borenstein contacted professional medical volunteers and all members of the community with the necessary skills or experience, including administrative experience.

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Potential volunteers can sign up on

The number of cases is higher in San Luis Obispo County than in Santa Barbara and Ventura, and Mr. Borenstein said that because they send more tests to more distant laboratories, they may not get results as quickly.

Perhaps our numbers are higher because of more aggressive attempts, Borenstein said, rather than because of the existence of the disease [in the areas].

Horton announced that Cal Paulie will become a platform for expansion of the hospital bed as demand increases.

It’ll be Cal Paulie, Horton said. It’s going to be a recreation centre. We need extra power and more oxygen.

Horton served as a clear warning for those who are socially connected but physically unable to move – public parks and other open spaces can be closed if the guidelines are not followed.

We don’t want to close courses and golf courses, Horton said, but we’ll do what we have to do if people don’t respect the rules of physical distance. In order to smooth the bend, you have to physically leave.

Follow the latest news on the KOVID-19 page of the Northern District.

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