Cameraman Scott Beck and Brian Woods are back with a new, original and fantastic film. The duo worked with Sam Raimey on a new feature film that Sony Pictures has taken over. The details will be kept secret for now, but Beck and Woods will write, film and produce a film with their own original idea.

According to the new report, Sony has won a mysterious project in a competitive battle. Scott Beck and Brian Woods are best known as the authors of the hit The Quiet Place in 2018, which helped them to achieve great success in Hollywood. The duo have already worked with Sam Raimey on 50 states of Kibi’s fear. Beck and Woods should have put their latest draft in a statement.

After the Pacific, we knew we had to invest again in an ecosystem of original ideas. We are very proud to work with a studio that believes in a theatrical landscape in search of new stories. The production team of Raimi Productions is the director who helped shape our vision on the film before we presented the script to the city. Sam Raimey is not only one of our heroes, but also one of the few filmmakers who have mastered both the independent film and the studio blockbuster. We can’t imagine a more perfect mentor to help us enter the big studio film industry.

Scott Beck and Brian Woods, as they explained in last year’s interview, saw the need to continue with the original projects after the success of A Quiet Place, which generated $340 million at checkouts around the world. So they were less involved in the silence: The second part, which will be released in the cinemas in September. Beck and Woods recently worked together on a horror film, Ghost, which was released last year.

Sam Raimey, who has directed films such as Spider-Man and Wicked Dead, is the latter in a series of films with high visibility as a producer. Raimi also shot the horror movie about alligator Crawl last year and Anger Reload this year. Raimi is also about to become director Dr. Strange for Multivers Madness for Marvel and Disney studios. Raimi should have said that in his statement.

Raimi Productions is proud to work with Scott Beck and Brian Woods. After my experience with them in Quibi they have exceeded all expectations and we have full confidence in their brilliant story. It’s an honor to once again work with our partners at Sony Pictures. We have a wild and exciting blockbuster that we can’t wait to share with the world.

So far it is not known when the project can start. Production remains closed throughout Hollywood and the situation is not expected to improve again, at least not for a few months. We will certainly keep you informed as soon as more detailed information is available. This message comes to us through Variety.

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