Los Angeles County health officials (CBSLA) – Los Angeles County reported 42 new coronavirus deaths Wednesday, most in one day, and hinted at what life could be like if restrictions on home security were eased next month.


A worker changes posters at 3 p.m. on an empty Hollywood Boulevard. April 2020 in Los Angeles. (Getty Images)

42 deaths, the highest daily mortality rate for the second consecutive day. On Monday, 40 deaths were reported. In addition, 472 new cases were reported for a total of 10,496 cases and 402 deaths in the province of Los Angeles. The mortality rate was 3.8%.

Los Angeles County Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer told reporters that the safe custody order could be lifted in May. The current order must be placed at least until the 15th day of the month. May be valid.

Certain strategies need to be put in place when we are likely to start following the instructions of health workers at home more safely by the end of May, says Commissioner Ferrer.

She explained that the principles of social distance are likely to last for a long time if the province tries to revive the economy and get more people back to work.

I want to emphasize that things will be very different, Mrs. Ferrer said. Physical distance will always be a very important part of recovery.

Mrs Ferrer stated that some of these guidelines would contain restrictions on retailers restricting the number of people in their shops at any given time.

That way, the people who are there can keep a great distance between themselves, the other people who are there and the employees, Ferrer said.

Dust cover, hand washing and physical distance can be a common requirement for all public places and spaces. In addition, in some locations the temperature at the door can be determined before customers are allowed inside.

Our goal is to… is to get as many people back to work as possible, Mr. Ferrer. But we must also ensure that we do this in a way that protects all employees, employers and customers.

She added that in the field of art and cultural attractions, there are also restrictions on the number of visitors. Events that previously had an audience may in the near future also take place without an audience.

Events can also take place without an audience, according to Mr Ferrer. And the events require physical distance.

When the roads and cycle paths reopen, they can steer pedestrians and cyclists in one direction, she suggested.

Meanwhile, Ferrer reported that 1501 people are currently hospitalized with the coronavirus in Los Angeles County. Of these, 31% were in intensive care and 19% were equipped with fans.

A total of 1,764 cases were reported in 205 institutions, including homes for the elderly, nursing homes, prisons, detention centres, homes for the homeless, treatment centres and homes for the disabled.

At least 133 residents of the institutions have died. Most of them lived in retirement homes or old people’s homes where they received help. They are responsible for about 33% of all deaths in the district as a whole.