The giants are expected to tackle the RB Royce Freeman Broncos in retail.


Royce Freeman of the Denver Broncos.

Melvin Gordon, who drew in Denver, has already scored many points as the Broncos had a solid 1,000-yard kick in the third round behind Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman’s earlier draft pick.

Gordon is likely to take the lead in Denver to push Lindsay to a big change in the pace of her return, in the way of Austin Eckler for the Chargers. However, Freeman, the team’s second head coach since 2019, is likely to remain a strange man and a potential trade target for the New York Giants.

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Giants must go to their depths RB

If you’re a Giants fan, you probably remember what Sakuon Barkley missed with his injury last year. Names like John Hilliman and even Elijah Penny’s protector tried to fill the void All-Pro had left, and no wonder they didn’t have enough time.

Wayne Gellman seems like a logical extension of Barkley. Gellman had a successful NFL career when he had the chance. But at the end of last season he fell out of sight of the coaching staff, which resulted in a jump to the bottom of the league table, where Buck Allen’s student even represented a healthy scratch in many matches.

With this in mind, the new management team is based in New York, which could mean that Gallman will resume his once-promised career. However, it is clear that the Giants lack critical depth in the backbone, which could have been established by the Freeman acquisition agreement, which could probably have been done at the right price.

Freeman has growth in 2. Year

Freeman’s rookie season was, of course, in many ways a total disappointment if you’re one of those fantasy owners who took a risk with him in the early rounds. Freeman was plotted on a depth map by freebooter Philip Lindsey and eventually reached only 514 meters.

In 2019 Freeman was much more active, especially in the passive game, where he made 29 times more moves than the year before. Because of his extra effort, he was able to eat at Lindsay’s expense and overtake Lindsay in 10 of the team’s 16 games.

Asking price Freeman’s probably low

Freeman’s statistics are far from impressive, as can be seen from his average career of 3.9 meters per day. Combined with Melvin Gordon’s signature, this clearly indicates that the team probably wants to get rid of him, which has a very negative effect on his business value.

Since superstars like DeAndre Hopkins trade for pennies on the dollar, and former MVPs and former OPOYs like Cam Newton and Todd Garley find no interest in the exchange block, it is unlikely that Freeman will get much money in return.

The chances of Freeman being selected for the sixth or seventh round or, in the worst case, for each of them. Not bad for a player who was once considered the best in his design class.

This prize should not be too high for the Giants, as they have a choice of six rounds and – in anticipation – the four seventh choice in this year’s project.

If his statistics aren’t surprising if you count the Broncos of the last two years, Freeman’s talent is clear. It runs with great durability and has a good speed for its almost 240 lb frame. He also showed soft hands and the ability to serve as a third level.

He may not be the first support the Broncos hoped for when he was summoned, but he is a viable reserve and role player that the Giants desperately needed.

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