At the height of the satanic panic in the 80’s, heavy metal became the evangelists’ greatest enemy. There is a widespread fear and conviction that the musical genre is to blame for luring disobedient teenagers to Satan’s doorstep. With this in mind We Conjure the Craft of Darkness made a midnight movie with well-equipped characters, metal chaos, blood sacrifices and lots of fun.

Val (Maddie Hasson), Beverly (Amy Forsythe) and Alexis (Alexandra Daddario) are the trio’s best friends who love metal on their way to a concert. A traffic accident forces them to take revenge on strangers Ivan (Austin Swift), Kovacs (Logan Miller) and Mark (Keane Johnson) on the concert parking lot, but in the evening they soon become friends. So much so that the girls invite the boys back to Alexis’ secluded house after the party. But America is facing a wave of satanic murders, and that crucifixes this meeting to the highest degree. The lives of these six fast friends change irrevocably.

We Summon the Darkness, written by Alan Trezza (Burying the Ex) and directed by Mark Meyers (My Friend Dahmer), brings together some very cute and fully realised characters in a world full of flesh. The shortening between Hasson and Daddario implies a deep friendship between their characters. Moreover, there is clearly an absolute explosion of their roles. Both performances are so magnetic that we want to spend the whole film with them. When Beverly Forsythe became the main character, we weren’t secretly cheering for Alexis and Val. If Ivan, Kovacs and Mark are nice and play their roles well, they are behind in the women’s trio. We're sinking into darkness - Triggering metal chaos.jpg

Even the installation of the ’80s is never too nostalgic. Of course there are hairstyles and clothing styles, musical allusions and dialogues and humorous needle drops, but there is no escaping the excess. Meyers continues to focus on what’s important: the characters and the story. It’s refreshing.

Trezza and Meyers try to keep the audience going and change expectations, as the story introduces new and unexpected layers in the group’s struggle for survival. Mainly because the middle act turns into a light comedy with a horror rhythm that forces the characters to make hasty decisions with disastrous consequences. There’s bloodshed, a bit of intrigue, all played out with ruthless surrender.

The third act gets a bit dirty and falls into more familiar territory. There is a devastating commentary on organized religion, but the film shines above all. The Meyers don’t let the night fall, or too much, and sometimes go too far in security. We call the darkness happy to eat the best pizza and the best beer in a horror comedy that captivates the crowd, and that’s why it comes into your heart.

This film builds its story around an interesting scenario that includes an ’80s satanic panic hobby that frightened America. After all, the wheel isn’t invented and it’s nothing we’ve ever seen before, but it’s so funny it’s hardly a mistake. It’s a horror comedy that offers plenty of surprises, as well as a number of plays recorded by Hasson and Daddario that let you pluck some devilish horns and greet Satan.

We call the darkness and arrive on the 10th. April 2020 on VOD and digital HD.

Editor’s note : The magazine was originally published on the 22nd. September 2019 published. 'We summon the darkness'-Freedom-One-Metal-Mayhem-Joyride.png

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