What do you know about baseball? To become a real expert of the game, you have to live the game, up to the second level. The last battle and now in the hardest moments not to lose courage. All these characteristics were endowed with the man Eijun Sawamura, who one day entered the arena of mass sport.

The first place in season 1 took place on the 3rd. October 2013.
Gold standard season 2 – 6. April 2015.
Ferret season 3 – 2. April 2019.

Given the unprecedented demand for anime series and the excellent audience in different seasons, directors cannot ignore the fact that there is a huge demand for anime series. As you can understand, the application can be a picture. We look forward to the publication of the 4. The Diamond no Ace Anime season is in 2021 and, as tradition dictates, in April.

Eijun Sawamura has become a normal American boy. In contrast to his buddies, Ajun liked to play baseball. After assembling the group the boys participated in many competitions, but did not achieve high results.

Eijun stood out because of his fighting spirit, he united the group and put everyone in line for victory. But his buddies were regular customers, and they didn’t want to play baseball – they just admitted that they were friends, and their love for helping him made the boys give the best of themselves. It’s a pity all attempts are missing at the moment.

One day a young international friend, Eijun Sawamura, put himself on his head. He meets Sadu Takashima Rei, a senior management consultant with the elite faculty. He invites the man to settle down and play his favorite baseball with a team of experts and one of the best coaches.

Sawamura decided to stay for a long time, but by accepting the man started a very unique life: Training, competition, ups and downs in his career, new friends and acquaintances, disappointment and joy over victories. Which summits can be conquered by young talent? And is there anything that can prevent that?

In 2008, the Shogakukan Manga Diamond without Ace won the Shogakukan Manga, one of Japan’s most prestigious awards in the shogan category (manga aimed at an audience of men aged 12 to 18). Two years later this achievement was repeated – this time with the Kodansha Mang Award.
In 2011, the Manga Diamond without Ace climbed to 25th place on the bestseller list, and more than a million seven hundred thousand copies were produced. Two years later, the manga was already on the twenty-third line.
In 2011 the manga author Diamond no Ace Yuji Terajima was included in the list of the 50 best manga makers with Nikkei Entertainment (sales have been evaluated). He finished in 20th place.