Last month there were several reports that the coronavirus pandemic had a negative impact on the global economy, and the music industry is no different.

Artists depend on concerts as a source of income, especially at a time when physical sales are low. Over the years, income diversification has become even more important for the average professional.

A young criminal, a rapper, is only an artist who can comment on the lack of money he earned during this period. In a recent conversation with the illustrious Big Boy, the young Thug told how impressed his wallet was with KOVID-19.

According to Billboard, Big Boy asked him how much he would lose in the coming months, and YT estimated the loss at about $5 million because the public is currently behind closed doors. The extortionist told the owner that it would cost him twice as much because he could not do the show, and that he also had to pay the bills.

Although the flow of his income has slowed down, the young criminal says that his midlife himself will cost him money because he has to take care of his mother and father. The criminal claimed that his parents also wanted to live in the penthouse, which of course was much more expensive.

Moreover, the criminal said what he thinks of Lil Uzi Werth and how he doesn’t want to invite a young rapper into his house anymore because he is the devil. The young rascal made a joke about breaking things in his house and doing all kinds of stupid, nasty little things.

In addition, the young criminal tried to use his Instagram to spread warnings to the public, including a passage in the Bible warning his followers of the need to beware of the growing presence of the coronavirus in the United States.


To paraphrase a biblical passage: If the world is in crisis, whether it is their person, their country or their source of food, then society must turn around and God will make their country prosperous again.


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