To this day, one of my favourite impressions of the 2007 film Grindhouse with my whole family can still be seen on the big screen, a double projection with proof of the death of Quentin Tarantino and a horror film by Robert Rodriguez Planet in which fake trailers between them and directors Eli Roth, Rob Zombie and Edgar Wright were stuck.

It was, frankly, pure happiness, a wild and crazy throw that worked like a charm on the right spectators. Is there a problem? Well, the target audience wasn’t very important. The experience of the Grand Chamber of States has generally not been successful with a reported production budget of at least $53 million. So, what happened?

In response to questions from Empire fans, Tarantino responded by reflecting on Grindhouse’s case and proclaiming a cold and hard truth about the concept: It just never appealed to the masses.

I think Robert and I just felt that the people with Grindhouse had a little more perspective on the history of the doubles and the exploitation films. No, it’s not. Not at all. They had no idea what they were looking at, Tarantino admits. It meant nothing to them, you know, what we did. So it was a case of too cool for school.

These comments were originally published by Empire in July 2019, but Empire Online only released the full version of the question and answer session with Tarantino this week.

No matter how much money the Grindhouse made (or didn’t make) at the cash register, there is no denying that the impact of the experience was enormous. Grindhouse has produced a brand new range of rebound films made from similar materials, including Machete and Hobo With a Shotgun, both of which are direct by-products of Grindhouse.

It is a legacy that many a cashier could only dream of.