After O.T. Genacis, Keisha Coles remixed Love. Let’s just say there was no love between them. Cole was very honest with his aversion to the cryptic mix called Never Knew, including his frustration that Genacis never reached out to the remix of the 2005 classic.

Recently Genacis came live to his IG and mentioned some unpleasant remarks about the singer that didn’t fit her cousin’s sister very well. She’s not kicking. I’m not Keisha Cole, the rapper said. It’s me, damn it. Keisha Cole didn’t. Batteries that smell like fish sticks. That’s what’s going on. Batteries that smell like fish sticks. Keisha Cole, who smells like fish fingers.

Although Cole never posted any direct comments about a rapper, she used her social networking sites to indirectly express her frustration at the situation after responding to a report asking her what the point of tweeting and retweeting was, assuming someone is growing up. The situation is now becoming alarming. Like Doug, you’re an adult and you rap, but you’re now known for laughing at R&B singers and dancing in gas stations. Chasing my boy with the wrong kind of punch.

After seeing O.T. Genacis left on the Internet, Cole’s sister’s cousin went to Instagram to report to a rapper in Atlanta Cut.

I will never respect the fat and irreverent shadow of a man looking for a woman who has said nothing about you! she writes. Men who have problems with their mothers try to tear down women. I know you were bullied at school and you were always rejected by beautiful girls! The nephew was even bitten by Genacis’ mother, Malika Hakk. Should we let him do it and think it’s funny? Sir is still chasing a woman who’s still trying to follow the Kardashians! And you pretend to be a gangster… Krip, go for a walk and take care of the baby! If you had fish sticks in your mouth, maybe you’d keep your mouth shut!!!

It is safe to say that Neffe’s message could have convinced the rapper, because shortly afterwards he wrote an apology on his instagram to defuse the situation. Listen @keyshiacole I was really joking about recording the IG LIVE SH*T…Pple screen and I exaggerated. Make that ass look thirsty, I’m not traveling. Then he says: I’m only playing with you because you played with me. I won’t let you go! It’s just for fun. I apologize if I’ve been disrespectful… PS… Don’t respect me, you don’t have to carry your weight. #IMDONEWITHIT THIS #GETTINGOUTOFHAND. #

I hope these two can put all this behind them!