The Vikings of Minnesota have fought hard at NFC North, but since their first championship season in 1961, some off-championship rivals have also shortlisted them. Let’s bet on the five best Viking opponents of all time and see how the team did.

5. Kansas City Chiefs

There are a lot of different teams that could finish in fifth place, and it might be easier to name just the four best Viking opponents. For their rival in fifth place we have to go back to Super Bowl IV, where Minnesota played for the first time. In the end, the bosses won this game 23:7.

Although it goes back more than 50 years, it seems that every time these two teams play against each other it means a little more, especially for the fans. The Vikings and cooks have played a total of 13 times, with the cooks winning eight games.

4. Detroit Lyon

The Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings are not as insightful as the other teams in NFC North, but they still play twice a year and share a division. This rivalry is certainly beneficial for Minnesota, where the two teams meet 117 times, the Vikings 76 times, the Lions 39 times and both games end in a tie.

In the years 1968-74 the Vikings defeated Lviv 13 times in a row. The Lions defeated Minnesota in just a decade, and that was in the 1960s, when they won 9-7-2.

3. The Saints of New Orleans

The New Orleans Saints did not compete much with the Minnesota Vikings until the 2009 season. The two teams played each other in an NFC championship match that the Saints won. After the game, there were allegations that the Saints had introduced a reward system to hurt Viking players, including then quarterback Brett Favre.

Since then, there have been several important play-off games between the two teams, including the Minneapolis Wonder game, where Stephon Diggs scored a touchdown in the last game.

2. Chicago Bear

The first game between the Chicago Bears and the Vikings was in September 1961, when the Vikings defeated the Bears 37-13. The two teams of NFC North meet (at least) twice a year and there are many high scoring events between the two teams.

In 1995, the Vikings swept the Bears in the regular season, but by the end of the playoffs, the Bears were better than Minnesota. In their history, two teams have confronted the Vikings 118 times leading the series 60-56-2. The Bears’ 1995 play-off victory was the only one in the post-season clash between the two teams. The Vikings have the longest winning streak against both teams, with eight consecutive victories between 1972 and 1978.

1. Green Bay Packers

There is no doubt that the team will take first place. Every time the Vikings and the Green Bay Packers play, there’s always something extra at stake. These two teams played together for the first time in October 1961, when the Packers fell out with a 33-7 victory.

This battle has always been fierce, but in recent decades it has become even fiercer. When Green Bay Packers legend Brett Favre signed with the Vikings, the tension between the two teams increased. There was also a game in 2017 in which Aaron Rogers broke his collarbone in Anthony Barr’s game, which some people thought was dirty.

The Vikings and Packers have confronted the leaders of the 62-54-3 series 119 times. The Vikings have the longest winning streak in the league, beating the Packers seven times in a row between 1975 and 1978.


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