The British royal couple tries to get a foothold in Los Angeles on their own initiative. This is Megan Markle and Harry. After their departure from Great Britain they stayed for a short time in Canada and are now in America. They see how the world around them is changing and the couple understands that they too must accept this change in order to keep up with the world around them.

They therefore decided to postpone the establishment of the Archewell Foundation. In March they announced their intention to launch them later in the year, but this is unlikely to happen. It will be relegated to the background and will have to wait until 2021. They have redefined their priorities.

They believe that the problem of the Black Lives Matter is more important right now, as is support for people affected by the coronavirus. As a result, they changed their course.

Sun UK quotes a source that says they are settling into a new life, a new era. It’s about doing the right thing and making sure they can make a difference. In other words, the Archewell Foundation will be established in due course.

Instead, Megan and Harry will raise more relevant issues today. Both are adults who have seen the world up close. They want to live their own lives and have the freedom to redistribute priorities.

Megan takes the Black Living Mattermovement seriously.

The couple is in Los Angeles now, and Megan sent a message about Black Lives Matter to her old school in town.

His school was the Immaculate Heart, and the message was about the brutal murder of George Floyd at the hands of a policeman. Death has led to protests throughout America and has spread to other countries.

Sun UK reports that Megan appeared from her home through a video connection and made her feelings known to the students.

She said George’s life is important. She had something to say when Megan Markle played Black Lives Matter. He and Harry even discussed it with community leaders. The intention was to develop strategies to support the BLM movement in the best possible way.

Coronavirus disturbs Megan and Harry’s journey.

Sun UK mentions his donation to a charity in April in connection with the coronavirus crisis. This is a large amount of money they received from their marriage transfer and the charity Feeding Britain.

The Archewell Foundation has many ambitious projects. They deal with topics such as emotional support and the coordination of social, personal and psychological services. Harry comes from the British royal family, and Megan is an American actor who joined the family as a wife after their marriage.

However, they have given up their royal duties and are striving for financial independence. Both have many celebrities in their circle of friends, and they’ve made plans.

Some were made like Megan’s voice in a Disney movie. But the coronavirus put the brakes on it and life became chaotic. A couple are waiting for the end of this phase. Both are in their thirties and can afford to wait.

Archewell has a lower priority in the plans of Megan and Harry in.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Megan Markle and Harry announced their new non-profit organization Archewell in April 2020.

It’s a name inspired by his son Archie.

But now the couple is in Los Angeles and the situation has changed. This has led them to set real priorities because they believe that the movement of the dark matter and the fight against the COWID 19 pandemic are more important. These are some of the current problems that are hurting society. Therefore, there can be no official Archewell projects until next year.

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