Mahabharat is back on television, just like Nitish Bharadwaj in the role of Krishna, almost three decades after playing the lead role in the series. However, the actor showed that he was not sure he could play such an important character and director BR Chopra avoided the ordeal for weeks.

Long before he got the role of Krishna, Nitish was offered the role of Vidur, but the idea was soon taken away from him. The actor only got to know the change of actor in the cast when he was confronted with an actor who was the final choice for the role of Vidur.

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, Nitish talked about the whole incident: When I got the part of Vidour, I was called up to film in Seth’s studio. When I was in my dressing room, Wirendra Hrazdan came in a suit and said he was playing Vidur. I asked: How do you play Vidur? They called me about the shoot. He said… Look at me, I’m even wearing a suit and I’m giving you a chance. I came in to meet Ravi G (Ravi Chopra), we had already done two commercials together and we knew each other. He asked me to wait until he’d finished his lunch. Then he told me: You’re barely 23 or 24 years old. After a few episodes Vidur will become an old man. It wouldn’t be right. After that, I was unemployed for the Mahabharata.

Nitish Bharadwaj shares interesting anecdotes about the Mahabharat.

Nitish was given another chance to join the Mahabharat when he was offered the role of Nakula and Sakhdev, but he refused because he wanted to play Abhimanyu instead. The actor, who at the time was acting in Maratha and Hindi films, shared his conversation with BR Chopra. He said: He spent the whole day convincing me of Nakula and Sakhdeva. All day long, I convinced him that I didn’t want to do Nakul and Sakhdev because I knew the story of the Mahabharata and wanted to do something better. Before he packed his bags, he asked me what I really wanted to do. I told him I wanted to play Abhimanyu. He said: Okay, we’ll think about that when the time comes.

Days passed and he was again asked to play a role in the Mahabharat – this time for the protagonist of Lord Krishna. Talking about how he dodged the producers for days, Nitish said: I shot my second feature, Marathi, in Kolhapur. In those days we used to go outside to make movies and when we went back to the hotel we only received news on the landline. I had to call my mother back, who told me that Goofy Pantal had called and that they wanted to test you for Krishna. I told him to say no because I didn’t think I could. She used her wisdom and told Goofy that I would shoot Kolhapur and that she could only tell me about her offer after my return.

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Nitish came back and helped Ravi Baswani for the Kissa Mia Bivi Ke show. Actor Bhagyashri participated in one of the episodes that took place before the release of his first film Man Pyar Kia. Nitish went to PR-TV for a dubbing, where she met BR Chopra. He found out I was here. He asked me: What’s your problem, I’m calling you for a test, why are you avoiding it? I told him: You need a more experienced person because you may have a new person playing Mahanayak (Krishna). He said: You’ve always wanted to play a good role, at least appear on the screen. In the end, he played the role that earned him massive recognition throughout the country.

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