Every day, people understand why they have to take social distance and take orders to stay at home more seriously. Comedian Luenel recently showed that the younger generation is still not on the same side and that they have to deport their own daughter.

The actress recorded Instagram to explain to her fans that she wouldn’t risk her health for someone who thought she was invincible for this invisible disease – including her own flesh and blood.

In the Instagram position, Lunell said: I have to make the best decision for me and my husband, who already has COPD. I’m sure most millennia think we’re dramatic and overreact because we’re not as awake as we think we are. Why would you share it in public? Because some of you might want to think about their children’s activities outside the house these days. Thousands of years don’t listen and don’t take adequate precautions. This is our LIFE, especially if you belong to a certain age group. I’m upset, but that’s the way it is. #Fuctes decides.

She went to the social networking site after Da’nelle Campbell’s joke about a virus that kills people over 60 or with a chronic illness. When she didn’t take him seriously, Campbell got expelled.

Lou recently stated that she had no idea that her message was going to be viral and that she and her daughter were being blown with messages.

She didn’t want this young woman to be overwhelmed by the general public.

A 61-year-old man told Claudia Jordan about it at the Fox soul show: Then my daughter called me, because when she woke up, she was probably labeled everywhere. What happened is that she became very, very addicted to drugs on social networking sites. How could you do this? A tramp. Yeah, and she hasn’t had any quarantine problems. She had a problem with the display.

Then she talked about the discovery of the real housewives of Atlanta star Nene Lux by her son.

I did it so my grandmother could tell you to sit down somewhere. I see we agreed on one thing, even though NeNe [Leakes] and I are not fans of each other. She decided that maybe she should tell her son to sit down somewhere.

She apologized to her daughter, but then kept her word that she was not welcome in her house until the end of the day.


We hope the message is conveyed to everyone who wants to hear it.


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