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Update : 4. April 2020, 21:10:36 p.m.

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Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Uddhav Tekkerey said on Saturday that the decision to lift the blockade after the 14th anniversary of the end of the war was not a decision that would be seen as a step in the right direction. The month of April depends on the extent to which people adhere to the government’s policy of maintaining social distance and staying at home.

The blockade ends on the 14th. The month of April ends, and what happens next depends on the people and how rigorously they follow the government’s instructions, according to Thackeray, who addresses the state via social media platforms.

Maharashtra’s health minister, Rajesh Tope, also said that easing the blockade in some areas after the 14th anniversary of the end of the war would not be enough. April’s in treatment.

People feel what happens after the 14th century. April will come. The CM reported that just after 14 years. The Council should consider some form of gradual relaxation by April. This is only possible if we stick to discipline, Topi said.

His statement follows Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement on Thursday in a video chat with the heads of state who stressed the need for a common but gradual exit strategy to lift the blockade throughout the country. The United States and the center should formulate a comprehensive exit strategy to ensure a gradual return after the end of the blockade, Maudie told key ministers, according to the government. It also called on Member States to reflect and make proposals for an exit strategy.

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