Dwight Howard of the L.A. Lakers is talking to Rondo and Avery Bradley.

The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to have veteran Dwight Howard on hand for their trip to Orlando next month, despite his recent comments against resetting the NBA.

Howard came back to Los Angeles in second place and with 7.5 points, 7.4 rebounds and 1.2 blocks per game gave a spark in the middle position outside the bench. According to Tanya Gangouli of the Los Angeles Times, he has to take her to Orlando, although Avery Bradley’s plans to join the Guard aren’t clear yet.

The organization believes Howard plans to play while Bradley’s plans are less clear, according to people who know the situation, Gangily said.

Avery Bradley calls for more support from the Social Affairs League

lebron James Avery Bradley

GettyLeBron James and Avery Bradley of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Bradley started 44 games for the Lakers this season with an average of 8.6 points and was also very defensive.

However, it did not focus on resetting, but on how players can optimize their platform to raise awareness of social injustice in the African-American community. He helps lead a coalition of players who ask the league office, the owners and the sponsors to develop a plan for help.

Regardless of the media coverage, it’s not enough simply to talk about and publicize social injustice, Bradley told ESPN. Are we selfish enough to think that no one in the world today has racism? As athletes, how do we solve real problems using our performance platforms?

We don’t need to talk anymore. We have to find a way to do more. Protesting during the national anthem, wearing T-shirts is all well and good, but you have to see real action.

Dwight Howard: Basketball is currently not neededBasketball is currently not needed

Dwight Howard wants Kobe Bryant's help in the 2020 NBA Slam Dunk competition.

GettyDwight Howard from LA. Lakers.

After talking to more than 80 players, Howard was pretty clear about his position in the NBA restart, although he didn’t go so far as to say he wouldn’t play.

I agree with Kirie, Howard said in CNN’s statement. Basketball, or entertainment, is not necessary at the moment and will only be a distraction. Of course this shouldn’t distract us from the players, but we have resources that most of our community doesn’t have. And even the slightest distraction can cause a seeping effect that may never end.

Statement of Dwight Howard, provided by his agent, on CNN:

– Jill Martin (@ByJillMartin) 14. June 2020.

This statement corresponds to what Irving would have said on the phone with other actors.

I’m not for coming to Orlando, Irving told the players. I don’t do systematic racism and nonsense… Something smells fishy. Whether we want to admit it or not, every day when we wake up, we become a target for black people.

Kiri Irving told NBA players Friday by phone, sources say @TheAthleticNBA @Stage : I’m not in favor of a trip to Orlando. I’m not in favour of systematic racism and nonsense. Something smells fishy.

– Shams Charanya (@ Shams Charanya) 13 June 2020

Howard recently expanded this position in his recent appearance on CNN.

That’s the first thing I want people to understand: I want to win the championship so badly. The trip to Los Angeles was the best thing in my life and I am very grateful to have been part of this team. Playing with LeBron, playing with A.D., representing the Lakers, meant the world to me again. It’s just that I’ve personally seen so much suffering on the part of our people.

I just think our people, we need attention. I really feel like our world is suffering right now. There’s so much going on in our world that I don’t think we need any distractions. I want to play and win the championship, but I don’t want anything to distract us from what’s happening in our world. It hurts me, it hurts my family, it hurts all our families. Everyone can feel it now. I think we need to focus on what’s going on…

LeBron James’ plans were not uncertain. The quadruple MVP is eager to return to the competition and chase his fourth title. He believes he can continue to speak out on social issues at the end of the season.

Before the NBA season was interrupted, the Lakers rolled after James and Anthony Davis and broke the record, the best in the Western Conference, against 49-14. When the season resumes, they will be the favourites to win the +200 title.

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