Italy has done remarkably well in its attempt to contain the coronavirus epidemic. The number of deaths was more than 30,000, making it the first European country to impose strict measures at the beginning of March. At the time, it was the first country outside Asia to be hit by a severe pandemic. At one point the country had the highest rate in Europe. However, she has managed to control the mortality rate, which is now falling. This led Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to announce a gradual easing of the blockade. Initially there will be restaurants and coffee bars, which may reopen next week.

Next month will be the month of arrival and departure from the country. In the final phase, the foreign travel ban ends on the 3rd day of the month. June.

According to Sky News, tourism is the basis of the Italian economy. With its historical monuments and exotic landscapes, including the Venetian gondolas, it is an important tourist destination. The sudden arrival of the Coronavirus destroyed the country. The authorities took preventive measures and ensured that the dead were put on a leash. It started with the gradual lifting of the restrictions. On the fourth. May it enable the reopening of factories and parks. The next step is the reopening of hairdressing salons, coffee bars and restaurants, provided they can guarantee social distance.

This is a bold move by Italy

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte wants to breathe new life into the tourism industry, which has been severely affected by the coronavirus. It originated in China and spread like wildfire, leaving a trail of death behind it. The Italian Prime Minister wants to use the coming summer holidays to get the industry back on track.

It has already set up a time-limited programme to open its doors to tourists until the third quarter of the year. It was drawn up by the European Commission in June and confirms that the quarantine period does not apply to people coming from an EU country. This does not apply to the region of Lombardy. He may decide to reopen.

The Italian government has announced that next month it will open its borders and put an end to the longest and heaviest blockade of coronaviruses in Europe to revitalise the devastated tourist industry.

– Associated Press (@AP) 16 May 2020

Sky News reports that Italy has managed to reduce the mortality rate due to the virus.

The government has clarified certain requirements and wants the data of the benefactors to be kept for at least two weeks. Another recommendation concerns the introduction of disposable menus or electronic menus. It will reduce potential human contact. For Italy, opening the doors to foreign travel could be a much-needed stimulus for the country’s recovery. However, the health authorities will continuously monitor the situation in order to ensure total safety.

Italy easing the blockade to stimulate the economy

According to the BBC, on the 27th. The month of March has killed more than 900 people, but in the last 24 hours the number has dropped to 153. It was reminiscent of how easy it was for Italy to block. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte admits he’s taking a calculated risk. He’s open when he says the ignition curve can go up.

However, his country could not afford to wait for the vaccine. The easing of the blockade will be a gradual process aimed at reviving the economy after more than two months of immobility. His decision is probably due to the sharp decline in the number of infections in recent days. He explained that a slowdown would cause problems and could have a negative impact on the economic and social structure. Catholic churches will resume their ministry and will have to respect standards of social distance, and believers will have to wear masks. Services for other religions will be permitted.

Coronavirushit Italy in the hind leg of.

The sudden appearance of the coronavirus destroyed the social fabric and gave rise to new ideas about life.

One of these is social detachment, which makes it normal that shaking hands seems taboo. Italy is a popular destination for many, but the blockade of coronaviruses has disrupted tourists’ travel plans. The authorities are now trying to revitalise the tourism sector, which forms the basis of the economy. In fact, former U.S. President Barack Obama came to Italy to take advantage of his resignation and play golf.

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