“Nutrition for the body cells” combined with an appropriate fitness regime is the key to a ‘Fit Body & Healthy Mind’

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Dr. Isacc Abbas – the creator of a unique and scientific health program: ‘Dr. Isacc’s program’

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 15: Dr. Isacc Abbas, an expert doctor, trainer, and nutritionist, decodes the amazing response of body cells when nutrition is combined with exercises by an individual’s medical parameters.  Dr. Isacc Abbas-B.Sc. Zoology and M.Sc. in Physiology and Human Nutrition, a knowledge seeker and absolute believer in science, therefore post Ph.D. he has gone to medical school and is now in his clinical years of MBBS. Over the years, he has developed a unique approach to the definition of ‘health & fitness’. His methods of healing help people suffering from life-threatening diseases to achieve a fit and healthy life.  His customized diet charts and exercises technique is completely backed by medical textbooks and journals. Unlike other physicians and trainers, his method of fitness focuses on the internal system and nutrition, rather than just cosmetic muscle building.

Talking about his work and his specific method of holistic healing, Dr. Isacc Abbas said, “Each human body is different and unique not only outwardly but inwards as well right up to the very cellular level. To treat any disorder or disease and to make them fit and healthy it is critical to first understand ‘OUR CELLS,’ which are the building blocks of our body. The human body is composed of trillions of cells, which help us in absorbing essential nutrients from the food we eat. Therefore, it is first important to understand the absorption process of each individual in case he/ she is suffering from any medical complications and if it is affecting his/her absorption process creating the unique ‘Dr. Isacc Program’ focusing on healing from the root level”.

‘Dr. Isacc’s Program’, is based on the simple principle “Food and exercise should be your medicine”. Synthesizing the studies of ancient Indian lifestyle, food habits, and treatment methods, irrespective of the internal organs substantiated by medical science and technology, Dr. Isacc Abbas and his team are treating individuals and making them fit and healthy from the inside out. Dr. Isacc, along with his panel of Medical doctors and experts understands client’s problems by going through their medical history and understands the complication which is affecting their nutrition and absorption process, and post evaluating these basic parameters (which are the most important part of diagnosis), He designs their fitness plans and diet protocols”

The unique thing about this program is, it combines fitness and nutrition with medical science.  To date, he has helped countless medical patients, bodybuilders, and fitness athletes to obtain optimal health which has earned him the title of India’s most Trusted Health Expert. He has healed patients suffering from all types of diseases and health problems like diabetes, thyroid, arthritis, pancreatitis, asthma, and skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, etc. with his unique program .

Dr. Isacc Abbas started Rebirth Fitness School in the year 2018, post his transformation. He has received many accolades and appreciation from his clientele, which consists of well-known personalities. Today, he is a trusted name in the holistic fitness industry with a global footprint. He offers one-on-one and online training in various countries. His program can potentially help you recover from any type of health problem diabetes, blood pressure, cardiovascular health, post-cancer treatment, thyroid, skin disease, liver, lungs, kidney ailments, and many more with wholesome nutrition(foods) and unique exercises, with the right medicine. Through this innovative program, Dr. Isacc Abbas has transformed the lives of many.

Dr. Abbas believes and advocates that “True fitness and health are more than just hitting the gym every day and following a generic diet. Your internal body strength is just as important”.

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