Forging a way forward in the industry, Founder and CEO, Mediatronics, Richank Tiwary, gains momentum to expand business

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Richank Tiwary, Founder and CEO, Mediatronics

August 18: In a growing knowledge-hungry global economy, the sheer presence in markets is not enough to guarantee a firm’s success. The media and information industry has taken greater leaps and is at the forefront of a consumer-driven society. It plays a pivotal role in how the economy functions, plays out, and who the customers recognize and trust as a brand. The journey from being a firm to a brand is navigated with media relations acting as a necessary catalyst. Acting as a tri-factor bridge between media, businesses, and customers – media and public relations have now taken over the enormous task of building trust, credibility, and presence. The country’s nurturing startup ecosystem has given wings to the PR industry as it helps other verticals grow.

With each niche present in the economy, we today have specialists to cater to every client’s needs in ensuring the firm reaches its targeted audience and becomes a relevant player in the market. Richank’s Tiwary and his maiden Delhi-based media relations company Mediatronics resonate with this trust-building journey, and both are leaving their mark across the new age markets.

Founder and CEO of Mediatronics, Richank Tiwary, has made his industry presence through years of dedicated work and consultancy across diverse clients. Handling consultancies for Indian and as well as foreign clients, he started his firm in April 2019. In less than four years, Richank has consulted for clients from diverse sectors such as F&B, education, edtech, automobile, hospitality, fashion, expo and corporates. While he’s leading the fields of education, corporate, and health, he is also creating his niche working with and in social media influencer markets. Working across such vast verticals, he is also nurturing young and fresh talents collaborating with them for content creation, driving digital marketing, client-media relations, and public consultancy and relations.

His style of client relationship building is designed around building trust and transparency. The promise of a strong, unique selling proposition covers and drives the young firm’s PR strategies. He credits his success to the methods he has been able to imbibe, working in the field with major players. “We as a team are driven by the four basics of having a strong USP which becomes the key to a successful PR and visibility for our clients. Consultation, the wider media network, best media relations and a pan-India reach define our goals at Mediatronics”, said Mr. Tiwary commenting on his journey so far.

Making his way to a progressive growth path, Richank’s media endeavours have been able to give results in his major successes noted across leading media publications in the country and outside India, especially in other Asian nations. Having gained stability in English, Hindi, and international media, he is now venturing into creating his space in regional media presence.

Talking about where the future leads for Mediatronics and him, he added, “The idea is to become a mark of excellence in the industry. By remaining well versed with every aspect of my client’s business, plans, and demands, my team and I are pushing for a PR industry that can cater to a larger section. We have a lot of potential; PR’s job is to showcase that, and being able to build that platform is the idea we are working towards.”

For more details on Mediatronics’ profile, visit Mediatronics. Richank can be reached via his official page on LinkedIn  Richank Tiwary

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