The Art Of Dumpling has bagged the Most Prominent Pan Asian Cuisine Restaurant of the Year- 2022, New Delhi By Business Mint

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July 9: Dumplings are not just ordinary cuisine. They have the ardour of solidarity and the warmth of abundance. The substantial fare, with its money-pouched appearance, not just aggravates appetizing deliciousness within your taste buds but also symbolizes prosperity and luck.

The Art of Dumpling is the adobe of about 149 varieties of Dumplings to suit the taste of every food maniac around the globe. They call it the wisdom of togetherness, holding the filling of fortune and success. Good dumping is the fusion of raised brows and exclaimed relishes when popped in the mouthful of expectations. Dumplings are not deduced by their shape or size, but by the way, their taste is admired. TAOD understands the very essence of the perfect flavor and brings to you a plethora of tastes, complementing different moods through the varied options they provide. The fine-dine was named The Best New World Cuisine Restaurant at the BBC Food Awards 2019, and the menu has been impeccably designed by the Founder & CEO, Mr. Adipta Majumder.

Though originally emanated from China, today the dumplings are a part of almost every culture. Continuing this cultural emergence, TAOD strives to sustain and grow the process of evolution while introducing the unexpected yet bewildering changes in the world of Dumplings. Their dumplings contain unconventional stories from around the world, with each style offering a unique sensation.

Their menu includes a wide section of the flavoursome palate from the Chinese Wok, Indian Clay-Oven, Italian Oven, Japanese Saibashi, Thai Grata, Kahhak Creamery, and Kahhak Bakers Kitchen which are carefully curated with globally sourced ingredients that bring art into life. Winning India’s Most Popular Pan Asian Restaurant 2022 by Global Icon Awards (Brandz Magazine)is a testament of their remarkable feat. For the expansive range of 149 dumplings, they have been named as India’s Largest Variety of Dumpling Studio- MAMR Awards 2022.

The Art of Dumpling not only exhibits extended varieties but also emphasises quality and perfectionism in service. One will find one of the best hosts in the world serving you the quality of efficiency and comfort. Hygiene is something impeccably displayed in their service and they are proud of it.

What could be more satisfying than a plate of your favourite cuisine and an environment explicitly compelling you to enjoy and live every ounce of delight it has to offer? The Art Of Dumpling has one of the best ambiances, complimenting the unblemished ways of their anchoring. The atmosphere sets the tone and defines the table which is not just another dining out of your house but enhances the grace of your choice. The place’s veracity makes it a favourite of top food lovers and they just can’t stop admiring it!Talking about opulence is just not done when the prominence is not highlighted!

When it comes to the ambiance, the establishment welcomes it’s patrons through its stately doors into a realm where Asia confluences in a stunning fusion of flavour and culture. The soft and soothing music transports the heart to a state of mystic serenity while complementing the art of the palate. The showpieces that liven up the space are handpicked from all around the world, and the crystal chandeliers lit up the place just about right. The warm and woody décor of the 70-seater restaurant in the heart of the capital is welcoming to customers across all age groups. The art of dumpling is truly an artistic masterpiece in every respect, as every aspect, from the minute intricacies of the coasters to the tiered windows adorning the walls of the magnificent space serving an upscale ambiance, is meticulously managed with perfection.They were awarded the ‘Restaurant with Outstanding Ambience and Interiors 2022’ by Icons of Asia and Global Empire Events for their outstanding and unique fine-dining decor.

The Art Of Dumplings has their way of celebrating the occasions by adding to the dish, a sprinkle of shimmer.  Gold adorns excellence when it comes to commemorating your special days! The 24k Gold Culinary masterstrokes with Black Gold Dumpling, Auric Black Spaghetti Ice Cream, and Sparkling Cranberry Mocktail exhibit queenship and a royal way of living. The Art of Dumpling is the perfect fusion of class, taste, and ambience and most importantly, provides satisfaction to customers by bestowing worth to money and time. For best is available everywhere, but the hunt for excellence is rare to be found!

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