Mrs. Minu Kalita Pursues Her Dream of Becoming a Teacher after Graduating With a B.Ed. Degree at the Age Of 44

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Defying conventional norms, she graduated from MIT World Peace University as the Top Ranked with Scholarship

June 29: While one would find a plethora of people preaching about age being just a number, only a handful of them end up following the saying with all their hearts. Mrs. Minu Kalita is one such dreamer who pursued her dream of becoming a teacher by completing her graduation in B.Ed. at the age of 44 from MIT World Peace University, Pune.

While the COVID crisis wreaked havoc across the country in 2020, it came as a blessing in disguise for Mrs. Kalita. When the pandemic struck the country, Mrs. Kalita was preparing her son for getting admission to the first year of college. Little did she know that college admission would not be restricted to her son. With international travel coming to a standstill, it was impossible for Mrs. Kalita or anyone from her family to travel to her husband working in Africa. Over time, the circumstances became so dire that there was no other option except to stay within the confines of one’s home.

This is when Mrs. Kalita had her ‘Eureka’ moment and decided to choose the path that was always in front of her and fulfil her lifelong dream of becoming a skilled educator. As she finally had some time to herself, she enrolled as a student for pursuing B.Ed. from the MIT World Peace University, Pune. Mrs. Kalita has always been passionate about teaching and has wanted to make the same her career. While an array of circumstances held her back from fulfilling her dream, she finally decided to write her destiny at the age of 44.

Apart from completing her B.Ed. with flying colours, Mrs. Kalita was also awarded a scholarship for being a rank holder in the college. She was awarded the scholarship for being the only rank holder in the college for her exemplary performance and academic achievements while pursuing her degree. After completing her graduation. Mrs. Kalita is now teaching the 9th grade at PICT Model School, Pune and garnering love from her students.

Looking back on her journey, Mrs. Kalita believes that taking the first step toward achieving one’s dreams is always important, irrespective of the odds stacked against them. She says, “I have always believed that if I can do it, anyone can. I havetherefore decided to pursue my Master’s along with my ongoing job. If you really want to fulfil your dreams, taking the first step against all odds will give you the confidence to carry on. Looking back on my journey of getting a degree at the age of 44, I have realized that there is no ‘right age’ for accomplishing your goals. At the end of the day, it is always better to try and fail instead of playing safe and regretting it for the rest of your life!”

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