Meet Entrepreneur Wooby Gan- An exceptional Astrologer and Psychic from Malaysia

February 12: Recently appearing on Times Square, Entrepreneur Wooby Gan is nothing less than magic. Astrology or tarot reading is a skill that only a few have actually mastered. These are the skills that have very widespread uses, and if practised carefully, their efficiency and results are mind-boggling. With over 23 years of experience in astrology and tarot reading, Entrepreneur Wooby Gan is the most wanted tarot reader and fortune teller of Malaysia. He is also proficient in numerology, tasseography(tea divination), chromatology, runes reading, anthroponymy, astrology feng shui, and astrological palmistry. Total 12 types of divination. He has aced his skill so much that he has also started classes for teaching astrology to students. He has taught more than 5,000 students in three years. Here is a link to schedule your Astrological Tarot reading or to schedule your Astrology ready classes by Whizz Entrepreneur Wooby Gan.

In recent years, he has cooperated with many businesses and media, including Universal Music, Astro radio, webTVasia, 8FM radio, etc. The materials or sources can be found through major media networks.  Before entering into the magical world of Astrology, Wooby worked as a brand and marketing consultant for as long as 15 years, where he gave services to some of the major brands like “Vivo Smartphone”. As a Marketing Consultant, Wooby was clearing huge cheques, but he always felt something was lacking in his life. He was not satisfied with the work he was doing. It was then that he decided to take a break and find his inner calling. He was always interested in practising astrology; hence he decided to give him a chance in that field. As an astrologist, Wooby’s first clients were his family friends who were facing some serious life problems; after consultation from Wooby and closely following Wooby’s measure, their life saw a dramatic change and all their life problems seemed to fade away. Woody Gan was very touched by the difference he could make and decided that astrology is his inner calling. Since then, Wooby has solved more than 100,000 cases through his astrological consultations.

It is for a fact that unlike other astrologers and tarot readers, entrepreneur Wooby had no prior family background in astrology. “There was no one to support me in this endeavour; even my friends and family members were very disturbed that I left a good-paying job to get into astrology. Though it wasn’t long after that, they saw how happy I was in this field, and of course, they soon saw that the difference I could make as an astrologer was incomparable.” Shares, Entrepreneur Wooby Gan.

Presently Entrepreneur Wooby has been actively spreading awareness about astrology and its benefits through his social media platforms. On his Instagram he often shares pictures of his astrology classes with heartwarming captions about life. He has more than 15k followers on his Instagram and more than 119k followers on his Facebook. He also has his own website