Distinguished Author Anandajit Goswami launched his thriller book “Pink Gender: The Extended” – A sequel to Pink Gender.

Aug 12: Thriller is an expeditious story which entails the situation around conflict, tension, suspense, unexpected twist and high stakes that takes the readers on the roller coaster ride and leaves them on the edge of their seats. Author Anandajit has returned with his intriguing and suspenseful plot-driven story “Pink Gender: The Extended”. The ‘Pink Gender’ series was inspired by Pink, which circulates our human thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Author Anandajit Goswami revealed various characters and mysteries in the first book ‘Pink Gender’ in 2019. Now he came back with the extended version of the prequel with its sequel “Pink Gender: The Extended” that takes its readers to dive deep into the reasons behind the behaviour of the characters in the first book, being the story and the background remain the same with an insightful plot.

The story “Pink Gender: The Extended” revolves around the lives of three characters named Shapno, Ravi and Indu, who all are somehow interconnected through a weird incident, and they figured out the same when they are called for interrogation in the police station about a mysterious adventure. It unfolds various incidents about their life, which are interconnected amongst the three characters. The author has presented the story with a specific message about gender preference which is still a taboo in our society. 

The story somehow is inspired by the author’s journey of life filled with observations, experiences and memories of people he has come across. He unveils, “There’s nothing imprecise about the characters; it’s simply how various events had taken a turn in their lives and how they responded to it. They share stories of their sexuality, abusive relationship, gender bias, and social depictions and their response trying to get out of it.”

The story somehow highlights the dark side of human mentality and its response which takes its readers into that perception of the world that affects internal thoughts and beliefs and gender identity. As stated by the author, the book is a kind of psychotherapy session where each character opens up about their pain that relieves themselves from the heaviness in the heart. 

An excerpt from the book

One day, a man, a woman and a transgender person who is a dream are being called for police investigation at the police station regarding an unintended, mysterious accident. Their stories and mysteries unfold in the Counseling room of the police station, and a connecting link between the levels is established. This story is all about these magical mysteries of life, which are explained, self-explained, unexplained in their ways by opening all bright and dark corners of the human mind and Psychology.

About the Author

Anandajit Goswami was a faculty at TERI School of Advanced Studies. Currently, he is an Associate Professor (Liberal Arts), HOD, Department of Political and Social Studies, Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, Manav Rachna International University. As TERI Africa Coordinator, he was based at United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA). He led research projects supported by ADB, UK-Aid and worked for Niti Aayog, Copenhagen Consensus Centre and WWF India. 

He completed his Master’s degree in Economics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and has obtained PhD in Energy Economics and Policy from TERI School of Advanced Studies. He has co-authored & co-edited academic books, published academic papers, popular articles. He has also co-authored and authored three sci-fi books titled ‘Lucy meets Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Lucy and the Train: Tryst with Sustainability’ and “LUCY 3 – LUCY AND THE RISE OF THE PARABOLA” along with a unique crime thriller on gender neutrality – “Pink Gender”. He has instructed courses like – Art and Sustainability, Applied Mathematics for Sustainability, Economics of Climate Change and created movements like music and sustainability, art from the heart for climate action and sustainability. 

He writes regularly about his opinion pieces on his own blog space – http://geekonomistdiary.blogspot.com/and has his music channel on music and sustainability – https://soundcloud.com/user-464461940


Currently, he resides with his mother in New Delhi.