Multidisciplinary Expertise in Architecture & Interior Design by Prashant Parmar Architect

Business Mint’s Nationwide Awards Awarded Prashant Parmar Architect as Excellence in Residential Architecture & Interior Design 2021Ahmedabad, for having experience of more than 1000 projects & expertise of over 21 years in the field of Architecture and Interior.

Ahmedabad, Aug 10: Prashant Parmar Architect, one of the leading Architects of India, has founded an architecture practice, Shayona Consultant, in 2000 at Ahmedabad. Started as a small enterprise in India, in two decades, it has proliferated so vastly that it has now established remarkable design imprints in different countries across the globe. In these 21 years, Shayona Consultant has executed more than 1000+ architecture and interior design projects nationally and internationally. Prashant Parmar Architect has delivered innovative design solutions for a wide range of developments through his multidisciplinary expertise in the field of Architecture and Interiors. His studio completes more than 40 projects a year. The firm has a strong team of experienced architects and interior designers and dedicated 500 skilled workers on site. 

Ar. Prashant Parmar, proficiently mastered in Architecture and Interior Designing, has extended his services up to 3D, Structure &Landscape designs. 

Ar. Prashant Parmar has given his significant contributions in designing Commercial spaces, Hospitals, Cultural Complexes, Community Centres, Retails shops apart from designing private residences. 

Ar. Prashant Parmar has voluntarily participated in helping to create more than 100+ cultural campuses from 5 acres to 25 acres located in almost all continents of the world for BAPS Swaminarayan Sect, a respected worldwide NGO. Some of the larger community projects in which Ar. Prashant Parmar has given his volunteer efforts: Sydney (25 Acre), Johannesburg, South Africa (14 Acres), Boston, US (21 Acres), Jodhpur, Rajasthan (18 Acres) & Kurukshetra, Haryana (6 Acres). Sydney Project will be an icon of Indian culture in the Australian continent, for which Ar. Prashant is very excited. 

Many reputed organizations have honoured the versatility of Ar. Prashant Parmar in architecture & interior by greeting him awards and well-thought-out him as “Best Architect In Ahmedabad” & “Best Interior Designer In Ahmedabad”.

Recently, one of his projects, “Stepped Cube House”, was honoured by the ICI Ultratech Outstanding Structure of the Year 2020 Award. 

Global Awards has honoured his architecture practice “Shayona Consultant” as Top Architecture & Design Firm of The Year 2020 (Gujarat) award and awarded Ar. Prashant Parmar as “30 under 50: Best Architects 2020“.  

Nationwide Awards has noted his excellence in Residential Architecture & Interior and honoured Ar. Prashant Parmar with an award for Excellence in Residential Architecture & Interior Design for 2021. 

Ar. Prashant shares his thoughts with Business Mint

“Shelter is a basic requirement of all living beings. Needs/ requirements essential for survival or “function”, as we may paraphrase, shape up the form of this shelter. However, the human mind contemplates furthermore – beyond the form of shelter as just a derivative of a function, on the experiential quotients or quality of space that this shelter would offer. In this regard, the role of an Architect and an Interior Designer is a vital one for it is the Architect who derives a form that responds in perfect tune to function and at the same time designs it aesthetically so that it would provide a pleasant spatial experience too. It would not be an exaggeration to say that all long for a “sweet” home, and an Architect plays a remarkable role in providing this “sweetness” to the home. “

For Ar. Prashant, designing villas or private retreats is not just a profession, but it is his passion. He welcomes each site with all its potentials and constraints. For each client, his villa is his paradise, and so through amicable interactions with the client and his family, Ar. Prashant Parmar would duly and meticulously register their requirements and aspirations pertaining to their retreat. Having befriended both – the site and the client, Ar. Prashant Parmar and his team would then storm their brains to respond insightfully and creatively to all stated by the site and the client in the form of design alternatives. Through consensus, a design alternative is then finalized. 

What is remarkable is that each design genuinely values and incorporates the inputs from all the family members of the client and yet with no compromise on broader considerations, specifications, standards and most importantly, not at all on the overall design vision, which is like the thread that binds all the beads and pearls of a necklace together. 

While talking about his design policies in an interview, Ar. Prashant Parmar enlists the following parameters that need to be inevitably considered while designing: site context, climate, requirements of the client, provision of open spaces/ pockets that establish a connection with the exterior, budget etc. He also specifically emphasizes designing spaces in such a way that the privacy of each family member is maintained as it is a chief concern in the present times and should still be connected with each other by means of interactive spaces, double-height courtyards etc.  

Ar. Prashant also emphasizes the need for open spaces in a design. Open terraces, and huge balconies (covered, semi-covered or open to the sky) at different levels creating frames of different volumes are a special feature of his designs. Ar. Prashant says: “These open or semi-covered spaces are means of respiration for the building. They create an instrument for the play of light and shade and animate the building. They help to provide a buffer space to relieve the effect of harsh climatic factors.” A study of his projects like, Stepped Cube House or Shaded House would help us understand these statements better. 

Ar. Prashant shares some of his upcoming projects like Floating Garden House Screen House, which are catching thousands of eyeballs even in the conceptual stage. 

At times the dreams of the client in regard to his retreat and his budgetary provisions don’t go hand in hand. 

Ar. Prashant says: “We have had to encounter a few of such occurrences in the challenging times of the COVID pandemic. However, we come up with budget-friendly solutions. We switched over to a pallet of materials that could substitute in look and durability of the expensive ones and make them fit in the budgetary frames of the client.  

The way Ar. Prashant Parmar undertakes his design voyage for each project indeed sheds light on several parameters that lead to a more sensitive, comprehensive and creative way of designing built form and interior.