Ajooni Biotech Ltd. and IFFCO KISAN cross a new milestone in the supply of BIS Mark Cattle Feed for June 2021

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], July 14: Agreement between NSE listed Ajooni Biotech Limited (NSE: AJOONI), a pioneer in manufacturing of Animal Health Care Products, and IFFCO KISAN, an organization committed to enriching farmer life and a sustainable ecosystem has started showing result with their combined efforts of marketing and supply of BIS Mark Cattle Feed for the state of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, and Western UP.

IFFCO Kisan’s marketing team was able to penetrate the deep rural market to approach the dairy farmers and tried to know their actual requirements of the animal as per the geographical and lactation cycle. IFFCO Kisan technical team under the guidance of experienced and qualified veterinary doctors, chemists, and experts customised the formulations according to the specific need of animal feed according to the demand of that area. Ajooni produces the feed according to the BIS standards and supplies through its excellent service provided to the customers resulted in attaining a new height of success.

The joint efforts of both the companies were able to achieve the monthly turnover of June 2021 to the tune of approx. 2600 MT which is the highest sales of IFFCO Kisan brand of cattle feed recorded by Ajooni in a month. The distribution expansion, partner, and customer engagement strategy with continuous awareness at the farmer level executed by the IFFCO Kisan team are the key success factors to the increasing growth of the IFFCO Kisan cattle feed Brand.

Ajooni Biotech Limited and IFFCO Kisan are also resourcing the Raw Material on an all-India basis required to produce Cattle Feed under the brand of IFFCO Kisan.