OtakuKart’s plans for the growth of the Anime Industry in India

Navsari (Gujarat) [India], June 18: Anime has always been the most special aspect of our life, and getting Otakukart, as an anime news outlet, the Indian fans were blessed. Before this initiative was taken by this startup, it was seen that the fans in India always saw their representation on a global scale by mere forums as well as social media pages. Of course, the platform did not develop in a day.

Otakukart shaped its information-providing strategy over the years and right now, stands as a fully-fledged site that has been acknowledged by a lot of powerful media companies in the country, as well as on an international scale.

On the other hand, the Indian anime fans lacked the anime merch that was made within India and is provided to them in superior quality. After the successful initiative of a news platform, the company dived into the merch business too where the fans could buy their favorite, anime-inspired apparel at a much affordable rate.

Previously, the company has served this merch through joint ventures such as TeePublic as well as TeeFury and Qwertee among others, but now, Otakukart has opened their sister platform, OtakuRage that provides the anime apparels.

With this rising success, Otakukart has created Anime India Initiative that serves the Indian community in many ways;

  1. Free Food: The Company has promised to provide food to the oppressed part of the community via NGOs.
  2. Plant Trees: Otakukart aims to help against climate change as well as environmental risks by donating to non-profit organizations such as greenyatra.org and sankalptaru.org.
  3. Free Clothing: The company will provide T-shirts among other clothes to the lesser privileged communities in India.

Now Otakukart needs a workforce to grow. Thus, they are looking to get onboard individuals who are keen on anime as well as its prospects to work and grow with them together. Also, every part of Otakukart, as well as Otakurage, works on green energy, which again, does not harm nature.

We have seen them organizing various competitions and campaigns for talented artists all over the country. At this point, Otakukart still has higher aims. We, as Indians, can not watch anime shows legally or have the films in theatres. Otakukart aims to have tie-ups with the bigger anime studios that are going to help all the Indian Viewers watch their favorite anime content with ease.

As in recent times, we have seen tremendous growth in the domains of Otakukart. They have taken over some of the biggest news outlets under their coverage. These sites include Sports AI Dente which has all the updates regarding the sports happening all around the world.

Then we have Dax Street that gives away information regarding automobiles. Last but not the least, we have Mice News Philippines which, as the name already suggests, is based in the Philippines. The expansion of the company has brought in a lot of opportunities for young and talented writers from the country. This will give a potential chance, to not only the anime enthusiasts but also the generation which is curious about the sports domain and gaming as well as automobile.

As for the plans with Sports AI Dente, the company aims to target the audience which likes to be up to date regarding all the sports matters happening in the world. Otakukart will cover the details about every sport, be it e-sport or F1 races. On the other hand, they also have Dax Street which will keep everyone updated about the automobile details. The objectives of this outlet will be to provide reviews as well as details about the latest automobiles which are being released in recent times.

When Otakukart started as a small anime blog, back in 2015, no one could have imagined the journey they will be going through, in just a span of 6 to 7 years. Even their audience is quite satisfied with the anime content that Otakukart is trying to reach. With, providing India, a global representation in the anime sector, the western updates are also covered by the company with the help of its sister sites.