Meet Ibtehaj Hassan aka “Lolibtehaj”, Young Comedian and Influential Entrepreneur

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]: Ibtehaj Hassan was born on 13 July 1994 in New York City, his sense of humor and love for others and his ambition to succeed have inspired many. He attracted public attention when a video of him with his mother went viral, which led to the birth of Lolibtehaj and attracted a large number of followers. Ibtehaj Hassan had a very good childhood and his desire to serve others and help people was far away.

Ibtehaj Hassan’s initial goals were to graduate from college and attend medical school, but he had other plans in his life. After he graduated in college, Ibtehaj Hassan turned to entrepreneurship. He worked in a fast food restaurant and shortly after started his own restaurant. With which he arranged suitable capital to start his e-commerce company and with his hard work built his company Automated Ventures. He started his store on Amazon after learning digital marketing strategies and went through all the ups and downs before mastering it. Now they have the entire team to grow their business, which is with them to help build passive income just like the others so that the people associated with them can get maximum profit.

Ibtehaj Hassan and his team are now building multi six figure businesses for their clients in a short time, allowing a completely passive profit for their connected customers. Surely by the end of the year his company will become a multimillion dollar brand that he and his team hope to have. Ibtehaj Hassan and his solid team are always making extraordinary efforts to achieve that goal and giving customers a seamless experience with service.

Ibtehaj Hassan’s goal to help others never changed. Life gave him another direction to influence others, in which he started Automated Ventures, a multi-six figure company, and inspired others to do the same so that everyone can join them and fulfill their dreams and make their business field By joining Ibtehaj Hassan and his company, anyone can achieve success and make their dreams come true.

They believe in helping others even today, their belief has made them so successful that today He has become a source of inspiration for the youth, today every youth of the country wants to be like Ibtehaj Hassan and it is advisable to be successful in his life.