Utappa also stated that one cannot help but believe in their possibilities. He says it’s not fair once you start.


Published – 7. April 2020 at 15:16 | Update – 7. April 2020 at 15:19

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Robin Otuppa

Robin Otuppa. (Hamish Blair/Getty Pictures)

Robin Otuppa was a rising star when he took the stage in 2005. After his first successes in the Indian team, it was assumed that he had a bright future in international cricket. But in 2008 he was expelled from the Indian team and since then he has never played regularly for the national team again.

Recently Uthapa said about his future and ambitions that he believes he can play another World Cup for India. He said he wanted to be competitive and that he had some fire left to play for India.

Right now, I want to be competitive. The fire is still burning inside me and I really want to be part of the competition and make sure everything goes well, Uthappa told ESPNcricinfo.

I honestly believe I still have the World Cup in me, so I follow it, especially in the shortest possible form. The blessings of the happy woman or God, or whatever her name is, play a major role, he added.

I can be part of the team that won the world championship: Robin Otuppa

Especially in India this becomes much clearer. I don’t think it’s that obvious when you’re playing cricket outside of India. But on the subcontinent, and especially in India, where we have as much talent as here, all these aspects become clear, the 34-year-old added.

Utappa also said that one can’t help but believe in their abilities. He says it’s not fair to start with that. He also said that there’s always an outside chance if someone has confidence in their abilities. You’ll never be able to cross yourself off the list. You’ll be dishonest to yourself if you belittle yourself. Especially if you believe you have power and you know there’s an outside chance. So I still believe in that windfall…

Utappa, who was part of the Indian team that won the first ICC World T20 International Tournament in 2007, said he still believed in what another team could be. He said his dream of winning the World Cup is still alive.

I still believe that things can go their own way and maybe I can be part of the team that won the World Cup and play a big role in it. Those dreams are still alive, and I think I’m going to play cricket until he’s alive again, said the former RCAF player.

Robin Uthappa is signed by Royal Rajasthan for the IPL 2020 season. He’s one of the best drummers in the history of the IPL. In 177 games, he scored 4,411 runs with a speed of 130.5 runs. He represented the Indians of Mumbai, the royal challengers of Bangalore, the warriors of Pune in India (currently non-existent) and the Knights of Calcutta.