Comic books and video games seem to have a wide range of subjects at their most basic level. Both tend to rely on fantasies of power and to tell stories about incredible heroes who spectacularly overcome difficulties. But the similarity of their plot types does not mean that the transition from one genre to another is natural. Video games often have a story of their own to enable interaction that has not been properly translated into other forms of media. In games like Bloodborne, which analyze their history using notes and object descriptions instead of the traditional shortcuts.

Ales Kot and Petr Kowalski took over the transfer of FromSoftware game to the comics industry in 2018 for publisher Titan Comics. Not only was the team able to capture the tone and atmosphere of the game without directly adjusting a particular story, but they also enriched an already fascinating story by presenting perspectives that are not shown in the game. Each of the four sections of the comic book tells its own independent story and introduces different characters from all over Yharnam.


The bow in the first story is perhaps the most traditional of the four parts and tells the story of the hunter who protects a child who bleeds pale blood. Death of Sleep has many points of contact in the video game: Characters like Herman, Joseph and Djura, creatures like the Bloody Beast and the Giant Snake Ball, and places like the Forbidden Forest and the Dream Hunter.

A hunter and a child embark on a long journey through these four questions and visit various playful places, as they are constantly hunted by the blood animal before they reach the final destination of the fishing village. It captures the sound of the video game perfectly and combines intense sequences with a surreal and fascinating story.


While the sleep of death is played with the characters of the main game, Heildurst takes the first steps to fill the invisible mythology of the blood world. The story follows Alfredius and Clemens, one of whom is a doctor and scientist and the other a priest of the Church of Healing, exploring only the plague that plagues the city. Both people are doing their best to heal Yharnam in the best way they know, and both come up with amazing discoveries about the true nature of the Healing Church.

It’s a bit uncomfortable to watch a story about Blood that doesn’t involve hunting or confrontation with giant monsters, but the cat and Kowalski make sure it works and the atmosphere remains constant. When playing the game it is always difficult to imagine how the city really works, and this story allows us to imagine a little how life can be there for people who are not directly involved in the hunt, but who are still trying to fight in their own way.


For the first time in a comedy series, the main character is presented directly from the game: Eileen Raven. Just as the central theme of the game shifts from animals to cosmic horror, the actor becomes more experimental and completely covers the dreamy sound. The cat uses repetition, a nine- or twelve-panel structure and numerous visual memories to place the reader in Eileen’s main space when investigating a ritual murder. Absolutely stupid question, where does she learn that Rome manages to be exceptional here and perfectly capture the tone of this playing moment on the page. It is certainly quicker to read than others because of the conciseness of the text, but that doesn’t make it less spectacular.


The dreamy tone continues in the last fairy tale arch, which explores the story of a stranger driven mad by a revelation given by a page of mysterious texts. The boundary between what is real and what is a dream fades quickly, both for the protagonist and for the reader, leading to a confused reading, which is certainly the most difficult of all arches. As the character goes deeper and deeper into madness, the comics use characters and moments from other stories, which really makes him feel like the culmination of everything that has happened to him. Although it is not the strongest of the volumes, it certainly complements the original material.bloodborne comic collection,bloodborne comics in order,bloodborne comic pdf,bloodborne comic wiki,how many bloodborne comics are there,bloodborne comic books,bloodborne comic reddit,bloodborne comic online