Television actress Hina Khan and her boyfriend, Rocky Jaswal, escaped each other thanks to the coronavirus barrier. He misses him and writes him a romantic note which he shares in Instagram stories.

The passage of time has made our foundations so solid. No matter how far apart the floors are, we’re like a big building. We’ll always be connected. We’ll always be together! Rocky wrote and shared with him a beautiful picture of Hina. She reacted to her own Instagram stories: Very good installation. Always my love.

Rocky Jaswal wrote a sweet note for Hin Khan.

Hina, known as Akshara in Eh Rishta Kia Kehlata Hai, fell in love with Rocky on the set of the show. While she was in front of the camera, he was the super producer of the show. In the beginning of the year, Hina was spotted in the film Hacker, which is about cybercrime. She also starred in a recently released short film entitled Smartphone.

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In a recent interview with IANS, Hina talked about how she spends her days in prison. From cooking to cleaning, from training to online viewing, I’ve focused on positive and productive things. For the time being, doing what you like best with your 40s at home, she said.

India is at least 3 years old. Can stop the spread of the coronavirus. Hina said that even after removing the lock it would still take some time before everything would be back to normal. I have the feeling that even after the lockdown it will take a long time before a normal life is possible again, as it was before this whole scenario started, to be honest. So even if there are things I want to do, everything is done with the necessary precautions first, she said.