In recent weeks, Pitt’s News has published an athletic fan survey for our readers. With questions on new and old topics, the readers turned out to be dedicated fans, with high expectations of the current teams, but also homesick for the glory days of Pitts Athletics. Here are all the details.

How long have you been a Pitt-fan?

The research was mainly carried out by students. The majority of respondents were relatively new to the Panthers, with nearly 59% having been in the Pitt fandom for less than a decade.

How many sports events do you participate in each year at Pitt?

More than half of those surveyed said they participate in at least five sporting events in Pitt each year, and more than 80% in at least three.

Unofficial sport in Rushmore Pitt Mountain

Dan Marino

Aaron Donald

Tony Dorset

Larry Fitzgerald

Football players dominate the board of directors, which consists of the best voters. But even if only the players were involved, it would be one of the hardest decisions to make because many NFL legends have sacrificed blue and gold. The nine players in the NFL Hall of Fame in Pitt are in fifth place, a position that will continue to improve as players like Aaron Donald, Larry Fitzgerald and LeShan McCoy complete their illustrious careers.

Marino, a native of Pittsburgh who played for the 1979-82 Panthers, led the field, although Dorsett, the only Pitt-Cup Heisman winner, was not far behind. They both ended up in over 64% of polling stations. Fitzgerald, an 11-time NFL Pro Cup winner, earned an invitation to the club with 36 votes. Two-time NFL defender of the year Donald, the youngest of the group, finished last.

The most underestimated launcher (currently):

Male basketball fullback Au’Dizé Tony finished 18% in the league between his rookie Justin Champagny (13%) and Paris Ford defender (16%).

As part of Jeff Capel’s first-rate recruitment, Tony’s solid defense earned him a leading role in recreating the Panthers in his first year. In his second year, Tony’s offensive skills took off and made him Pitt’s most reliable player at both ends of the field during the team’s stormy season. He ended the season with an average of 9.5 points and 4.8 rebounds per game, with an impressive 46.1 percent of the outings.

Pitt Most underrated athlete (all times):

Another difficult question, but there were a number of choices to which there were not one or two answers. Although Kenny Pickett was hardly a member of the top five most underestimated players of all time, he was only one voice behind Pitt’s most underestimated athletes of all time.

But LeShin McCoy won a victory. This prominent and fast tail earned a voice more than Pickett, Dion Lewis, Lawrence Fields and Hugh Green.

Most overestimated amount (all times):

In order to be both overestimated and underestimated, real skills are needed. Pickett is one of those special people.

What is Pitt’s next track and field program to win the national championship?

That’s no surprise. Dan Fischer’s volleyball team certainly has the strongest track and field program in Pitt at the moment. After winning the third CCA championship and finishing second in the national rankings, many thought that 2019 could be the year in which the team will take the next step and fight for the national championship. But Cincinnati’s heartbreaking home defeat in the second round held back the team, which hadn’t had any notable success after the season.

It has been 44 years since Pitt won the national championship in every sport, when Dorsett set a record of invincibility in Pitt football during his winning streak at Heisman. Pitt fans believe the volleyball program to be a drought offender, although some of them trust men’s basketball head coach Jeff Kapel, especially with the recreation project to achieve this feat.

Where is the best place to attend a sporting event?

The Petersen Event Centre, which accommodates 12,508 people, has become Pitt’s most popular location. The special atmosphere that Auckland Zoo creates each year has strengthened Piet’s national reputation.

Heinz Field, which also serves as a training centre for the Pittsburgh Steelmakers, has often been criticised for his role as home stadium for Pittsburgh football. Many people think it’s too far from Oakland, while others think it’s too big for Pitt to keep filling.

Are you satisfied with what Heather Lake has done so far as Pitt’s Athletic Director?

Pitt-fans seem to have confidence in the direction in which the athletics department will develop. Since Heather Lake became athletic director in 2017, she has hired eight new head coaches, including former Duke Basketball Assistant Jeff Kapel.
She also revamped Pitt’s logos and colours, introduced women’s lacrosse as a sports event, turned the media stage at the Petersen Event Centre to illuminate Auckland Zoo and presented a plan to redevelop Victory Heights, which includes a brand new volleyball stadium.

Do you expect Pat Narduzzi to make Pitt football a national rival?

Pat Narduzzi has brought both joy and anger to Pitt fans since his arrival in 2015 as Pitt’s head coach. His passion and motivation shone through in the breathtaking excitement surrounding the number 2 in Clemson and Miami, but his questionable handling of the game sometimes left Pitt Twitter in chaos.

But Pitt fans seem to believe in Narduzzi. The expectation of one of the best defences in the country this year, if there is a season, allows football fans to look to the future.

Do you think Jeff Kapell will be able to make Pitt men’s basketball a national rival?

As soon as Jeff Capple set foot on the Pitt-campus, he got the strongest support from the Panther Nation. After suffering during the Kevin Stallings period, the Pitt fans celebrated the rental.
Although he hasn’t set a winning record in his first two seasons, he has earned the absolute respect and confidence of the fange community through his quick action in pulling the program out of the dustbin that Stallings left behind.

Do you think a stadium on campus is necessary for Pitt Football to be a national competitor?

Location, location, location. Although Pitt students prefer Campus Stadium for an easy walk, it’s not necessary for the fans. There are many things that will make the football stadium on campus a very difficult task in the near future. Where’d he go? What kind of buildings do you have to give? Where are the fans going to park? Even if the fans don’t like Heinz Field, they have to accept it first.

What’s the best place on the street you’ve been?

Pitt’s rivals at State College created a good atmosphere on race day. The six-digit capacity of the beaver stadium, which corresponds to the size of the Dwarf Heinz Field, is the most popular route among respondents. Lane Stadium, where Virginia Tech buried the hopes of Pitt’s Coastal Football Department last year, also impressed the Panther Nation.

Do you think there will be a university football season in 2020-21?

A question that we all thought about with fear and trembling, but we were afraid of the possible answers that awaited us. Although most respondents are of the opinion that fans should not play, there is a general consensus in favour of the university football season.

Some choose alternative or more specific scenarios, such as the social distance between fans or postponing the season to spring.pitt news twitter,pitt twitter,pitt news sports,pittsburgh pitt news