2017 Nurse's Ball General Hospital.

The General Hospital returned in the second week with episodes of the Nurses Ball (Photo: ABC).

This week the general hospital is holding the nurse’s ball instead of new equipment.

Production of the ABC soap had to be stopped due to the current coronavirus pandemic, but the show’s bosses have chosen their favorite episodes of the vault fans to watch them in the coming weeks.

Last week we started with the episodes of the Nurses Ball 2014 and 2015, and this week we moved on to 2016-2018.

Here are the episodes that will be aired daily this week:

On Monday, the fans return to the Nurses’ Ball of 2016.

Franco shakes hands with Jake and Carly blackmails Ava, while Nicholas stops Hayden from talking to Jordan.

2017 Nurse's Ball General Hospital.

The theme of the Nurses’ Ball continues into the new week (Photo: ABC).

Musical performances include Don’t Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John and Kiki Dee, performed by Emma Scorpion Drake and Eddie Maine.

Tuesday’s episodes were broadcast for the first time in May 2017.

Jake shows Emma and Charlotte the box of chimeras that was sent to him.

If Jason finds Anna Chimera’s necklace on the floor and Sonny Morgan’s medicine…

2017 Nurse's Ball General Hospital.

The fan gets the chance to experience an incredible performance (Photo: ABC).

Then there’s an episode on Wednesday, and Jake gets scared when he sees the chimera symbol on Anna’s necklace.

Valentine tells Anna that he sold Chimera to Elena Cassadine while Michael visits Nelle at the hospital.

Among the musicians are the brave Sarah Bareilis in the interpretation of Emma Scorpion-Drake, Amy Driscoll, Christina Corinthos-Davis and Valerie Spencer and And So It Goes On Billy Joel in the interpretation of Valentin Cassadin.

Nurse's ball GH 2018

And refresh yourself with a few news items while waiting for production to resume (Photo: ABC).

Thursday’s episode is the last one since 2017. Sonny and Carly found out that Ava switched Morgan’s pills.

Nina takes Valentine, Anna tells Jason that she is looking for a biotoxin known as Chimera, and Jake sees Helena ordering him to do her magic trick with Chimera.

Musical performances include Vera George Michaels as Ned Quartermain and Olivia Falconeri, Hallelujah Leonard Cohen as Epiphany Johnson, Felix Dubois, Bobby Spencer, Amy Driscoll and Deanna.

Friday there will be a jump in 2018, as Curtis proposes to Jordan.

Alexis heard Finn tell Anna he couldn’t stop caring for her, and Sam found Fason’s lighter in Peter’s office.

Musical performances by Everyday People Sly and Family Stone, performed by Epiphany Johnson, Felix Dubois, Bobby Spencer, Amy Driscoll and Deanna and Feel It Still from Portugal The Man, performed by Harrison Chase.

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The drama of the Nurses Ball 2018 is introduced in the week of the 8th International Nurses Ball. June.

The general hospital will return as soon as the new episodes have been safely removed.

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