Hollywood has come to pay homage to a comic legend. According to his family, Fred Willard died peacefully at home of a natural death. He was 86 years old. My father died very quietly last night at the fantastic age of 86. He went all the way, worked and made us happy, said his daughter Hope Malbarger. We loved it so much! Malbarger is not the only one who honors his father.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, whose husband Christopher Guest has worked extensively with Mr. Willard over the years, kindly said goodbye to Mr. How fortunate we all were to witness his great gifts. Thanks for the deep smile in my stomach. You’re with Mary now. The house is safe. Willard’s wife Mary died almost two years ago at the age of 71. Willard is perhaps best known on the big screen for his role in Rob Reiner’s This Is Spinal Tap, and then for working with Guest on Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, For Your Consider and the mascot.

POWERFUL: Fred Willard dies, Comedy Legend was 86 years old.

Fred Willard Michael McKeen, often a co-star, also had friendly words for a social media comedian. I’m confused by the words, in a state where Fred Willard was never, McKeen said. Willard was a real master of comic improvisation, which many people who worked with him will tell you about. My friend is over 40 years old, a great comedy actor who had no competition because there was only one. We’re all so lucky. Goodbye, Fred. McKeen’s here. Willard’s success has not only been visible on the big screen for years. He has also played tonight in Fernwood Tonight, Everybody Loves Raymond, Roseanne, Get Smart, Murphy Brown, The Wayans Brothers, King of the Hill, The Simpsons and many other shows to name but a few.

Jimmy Kimmel says no one’s sweeter or funnier. We’re lucky to know Fred Willard and we’ll miss his many visits. Steve Carrell, who has just worked with Willard on the upcoming Space Force series for Netflix, says Fred Willard is the funniest person I’ve ever worked with. He was a nice and wonderful man. Interesting remark: This isn’t the first time Mr. Willard’s been involved in a project called Space Force. In 1978, he starred in a TV film of the same name as Captain Thomas Woods.

Director/writer Judd Apatov also paid homage to the actor. Fred Willard couldn’t have been more fun. He was pure fun. And the nicest person you’ve ever met said Apatow. Another regular Willard star was Harry Shearer, who said he had just heard of Fred Willard’s death. The funniest man who ever walked the face of this planet. An amazing talent, in telekinetic contact with a very good source of comedy. It’s really incredible to look back and see all the projects Willard has been involved in over the years. Below are more parables by Willard, starting with the parable by Jamie Lee Curtis on Twitter.

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