The Fostex TM2 TWS is a distinct modular real cordless receiver that utilizes removable motorists in addition to working with routine earphones. It is valued at ₤269

Please Note: The Fostex TM2 Real Wireless sent out to us is an example for our truthful viewpoint. We give thanks to Fostex & SCV Circulation UK for this possibility.

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Efficiency & Functions


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Up up until this factor in my TWS trip, I have actually been material to function within specific criteria or restrictions will we state.

Understanding all also well that wireless is frequently not comparable to wired which TWS has yet to get to BT LDAC paradise has actually brought about contextual decisions. As well as by that I suggest, this is much better than that as opposed to this is remarkable in itself.


Among the constants or restrictions has actually been the chauffeur. Many TWS are reasonably tiny solitary vibrant chauffeur layouts. A couple of are Bachelor’s Degree or crossbreed. Mostly all are taken care of in regards to size, efficiency, as well as audio top quality.

Whatever is baked on the within exists from the minute you acquire the TWS up until you market it. As an audiophile with some better screen layouts I understand I can do much better as well as Fostex appears to concur likewise with the TM2 TWS.

This is not simply one more solitary vibrant chauffeur TWS. This is a removable chauffeur TWS. A TWS that can likewise reattach to almost any type of screen, custom-made or global available with the appropriate link.

The settle on every one of these modular systems is that you are not stuck to that chauffeur. You can add your premium favored screen as well as go unexpectedly you are cordless hi-end. Goosebumps!

Fostex TM2

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Technology Within

At ₤269 the TM2 is not inexpensive as well as there are more affordable variations available from the similarity FiiO as well as BGVP which we will certainly evaluate eventually. Nevertheless, you do obtain a great deal of the requirements in what I search for in a great TWS yet likewise some interested misses out on that I considered given so far.

Back Hook

The TM2 is divided right into 3 feature components, each with a vital function to play. The back ear hook is where all the technology is housed past the chauffeur. That consists of the Qualcomm QCC3026 SoC BT chipset offering BT5.0 as well as TrueWireless Stereo And also, an attribute we have actually just seen formally on the Lypertek TEVI so far.

TrueWireless Stereo And Also

TrueWireless Stereo And also determines exactly how both motorists set, both to the resource as well as to every various other. In a standard ‘non-Plus’ system, there is a master as well as servant partnership where one chauffeur couple with the resource as well as subsequently develops a second link with the various other chauffeur.

The And also variation enables each chauffeur to attach straight to the resource “in stereo” as well as get rid of that master-slave link in between each various other. The software program inside the Qualcomm QCC3026 SoC after that synchronizes them both as a solitary set of earphones.

The master classification hence comes to be even more versatile. For instance, if you lack battery life on one side, the opposite comes to be the master so you do not shed a link.

Decoding & Battery

The chipset likewise supplies translating capacity from AAC/SBC as much as aptX so we depend on the most recent in regards to translating requirements in the TWS market today with the TM2.

The back hook likewise houses the primary battery as well as this is a speaking factor due to the fact that it is the only location where you can locate a battery on the TM2. The situation does not have any type of battery capability.

Fostex TM2

Center Removable Hook

The 2nd part is the center removable hooks. These attach the back hook to the primary supply chauffeur settings up. The supply removable hook has an MMCX discontinuation yet below is the charming component. You can likewise get varying discontinuations as optional additionals.

Those consist of 2-pin, (see photo over), FitEar, as well as ADC kind. I think MMCX as well as 2-pin will certainly cover many people’s demands as well as it is the one I am making use of 99% of the moment when I am not making use of the supply motorists.


For the motorists, Fostex are making use of a 6mm solitary dynamic which I need to assume is a basic chauffeur so no titanium or beryllium finishing on these 2. They are ended with MMCX adapters to match the supply center adapter hook.

The arrangement is reasonably simple to drive at 16 Ω so the incorporated amp on the Qualcomm SoC is not likely to battle as well as neither ought to your quantity control on the back of the back hooks as well as resource.

Fostex TM2


The style idea is a twist around the ear as opposed to the traditional smaller sized in-ear TWS tool. Offered the TM2 is modular as well as over the ear, the total type variable is rather large yet likewise rather durable with the 3 elements suitable in a smooth way. Fostex has actually released the TM2 with an IPX5 score which likewise includes in its outside or fitness center allure.

The products are all difficult plastic, nonetheless, the center removable hook is a little softer as well as rather pliable. That indicates there is a capability to readjust its form to much better fit your ear. Due to the fact that it is an MMCX discontinuation at the base link, you can likewise rotate the chauffeur a little to complete your installation.

Convenience & Seclusion

I need to state these are rock stable in my ear with the supply ideas. The pliancy of the center hooks makes a distinction likewise. Not just does the over the ear style maintain points extremely stable yet the capacity to flex as well as form the center hook makes points rather comfy.

If you are made use of to putting on over the ear checks this is a rather comparable if a little larger sensation. The MMCX swivel is a lot more versatile than the 2-pin variation which assists with the bullet type variable of the motorists which can move a great deal relying on exactly how you like them in your ear.

The supply ideas are really spot-on for my very own canals. The insertion is not just deep yet likewise rather comfy with an above-average seal. If you are thinking about transforming ideas after that it will just be for audio choice objectives.

Fostex TM2


Controls are as well the back as well as are a mix of touch (quantity control, rapid onward), physical, (multi-function), as well as iphone as well as Android application incorporated, (Landscape setting, EQ as well as Voice Aide Tweaking). I believe this is the very first time I have had a TWS with a mix of all 3 online as well as physical control alternatives.

The physical as well as touch controls are all housed on the back hook on each side. The multifunction physical switch is appropriate on the back edge so you will certainly need to do a 2-finger grasp to utilize it otherwise the TM2 will certainly move awkwardly.


The touch is swipe or gesture-based on the side of the back hook as well as manages the quantity in addition to ff’ ing the existing track played. A swipe down lowers the quantity as well as up boosts the quantity. If both motorists are combined you can regulate quantity for both on either side by swiping backwards and forwards.

To quick onward simply continue the left or appropriate touch-sensitive location of the back hook for 2 secs after that launch. You obtain a dive of concerning 5 secs so it not extremely exact for me.


The multifunction switch is typical price with a solitary switch for play/pausing songs in addition to beginning as well as finishing a phone call. 2 clicks will certainly slide to the following track as well as 3 to the previous. That helps both sides incidentally.

You can power up or power down each side by keeping in the switches on each side for 3 secs as well as 2 secs a lot more will certainly obtain you right into combining setting. You can likewise combine by simply taking them out of the cradle as many TWS do nowadays.

Fostex TM2

House display

Fostex TM2

Firmware Update

Fostex TM2

Landscape Noise

Fostex TM

The application is continuously progressing as well as just lately they released the Android variation having had the iphone choice for some time. It belongs to the reason I did not evaluate the TM2 earlier than currently. The variation presently is V2.90 so some guaranteed functions are not there like the 5-band EQ. I wish it will certainly be available in due training course.


What we have currently is a battery life per network indication, the landscape audio choice as well as the capacity to update the firmware of each side separately. I would certainly update every little thing initially which is rather pain-free. Link one side at once as well as simply struck the firmware upgrade beginning switch once the TM2 is attached through BT on the resource as well as application.

It takes around 4-5 minutes after that turns off as well as disconnects. Once both sides are done, tidy the pairings on the resource, location both motorists back in the cradle as well as reactivate the pairing procedure around once again as well as you are done.

Landscape Noise

I really located this function extremely valuable. I assume it deals with the exact same basis as cVc 8.0 as well as comparable software-based ecological sound reductions strategies. This is not to be puzzled with energetic sound termination yet there is some small overlap.

Primarily, you have 10 qualities of sound reductions managed through a GUI slider range in the application. Absolutely no is the default, -10 subdues as well as +10 boosts.

I assume improvement to emphasize your environments in flight terminals as well as various other places where you do not wish to lose out on statements whilst having the TM2 in your ears. The adverse 10 does boring down a great deal of reduced regularity audio though not rather to the degree of an ANC.

Fostex TM2


This is where points obtain a little bit sticky for the TM2. The cradle is massive. It would certainly be okay if there was a significant battery inside yet it has no battery capability whatsoever. It is actually a huge plastic bring situation.

That would certainly also be okay if I can bill the TM2 independently with some type of USB port on the motorists yet no, you can refrain that. You need to bill both motorists in the cradle with a mini USB port on the side. That indicates you need to take it with you any place you go.

You need to see this situation as a path to billing the motorists as well as for them to reset or switch off when housed. If you are a glass fifty percent complete individual there is a lots of room inside to house ideas, extra center adapter hooks as well as also a collection of fairly sized third-party motorists.

If you are a pure TWS man you are scraping your head below due to the fact that the situation is not truly component of the entire TWS offer, i.e. tiny, pocketable with great battery life.

Battery Life

Sticking on the silver lining the TM2 motorists, when completely billed have a huge 10 hrs per side. You can likewise examine their battery condition through the application so you do not go out unintentionally.

That’s class-leading for battery life process in the real systems themselves. I can obtain that with the TEVI at 10 hrs likewise as well as I very price that so of course, I very rank the battery efficiency of the TM2 motorists.

Fostex TM2

Add-on & Product Packaging

Just Like many Fostex sound retail items, the product packaging is constantly skillfully ended up as well as every little thing is well secured with the situation inside a leading layer as well as the devices packaged listed below.

You do obtain a couple of little additionals in there that you do not generally enter TWS boxes such as the PU natural leather bag yet besides that, it is typical price with a collection of single-bore silicone ideas in tiny, tool as well as big. Fortunately, the ideas function truly well as well as I do not really feel the requirement to roll yet I do want they included a couple of even more alternatives provided the significant price.

Fostex TM2

The total accessory schedule is as adheres to:

  • USB Fee wire
  • Earpieces, (S, M, L, M dimension furnished )
  • PU natural leather bag
  • Logo design sticker label
  • Customer handbook

The PU natural leather situation is a great option if you do not wish to be carrying around the large billing situation as well as you are rather certain you just require 8-9 hrs max. Or else, take the large situation given that it has area to save for all the devices.

The 2-pin as well as various other center removable hooks are optional additionals that you will certainly require to purchase from your neighborhood Fostex merchant. I can likewise fit an extra embed in the large cradle without any problems.

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