The reigning NBA Toronto Raptors champion has a history of franchising.

Their wisest decision was finally taken in 1998, when they decided to change their fourth overall selection, Anthony Jamison, in favour of the State Golden Warriors for their fifth overall selection, Vince Carter.

The player called Half Man, Half Amazing thrilled millions of fans in early 2000 and eventually brought Canada to the basketball court.

The Raptors tried for years to make more revolutionary deals, but they didn’t succeed.

These are the three craziest trade rumors in Raptor’s history.

Transaction: Tracy McGrady at the Chicago Bulls for Scotty Pippen (1997)

This was confirmed by T-Mac despite the popularity of ESPN’s The Last Dance doctrines in June last year. At a showjumping competition, the 41-year-old farmer said he was about to start his career with the Bulls, together with Michael Jordan.

At a time when the Bulls’ general manager, Jerry Krause, was actively shopping for angry Scotty Pippen, the Raptors turned out to be passionate.

Pippen, who was in the last year of the contract, had come out of his fifth NBA title with the police and was going to give the Raptors a legitimate superstar. It was a win-win scenario for Toronto, which would have quickly opted for Pippen instead of an untested schoolteacher.

The Raptors were supposed to pick up McGrady and send him to the Bulls on their journey. T-Mac told me that Krause even went to Chicago a few days before recruitment.

However, the agreement was eventually terminated after Jordan vetoed it. T-Mac was the ninth. Raptor was selected, while Pippen stayed in the Windy City and helped the bulls reach their second triple.

Transaction: Tracy McGrady, first round Philadelphia 76ers for Larry Hughes (1999)

T-Mac wasn’t the superstar he became when he launched the Raptors. On the positive side, Toronto was willing to break up with him if the deal was done right.

They thought Hughes was their man, so they wanted to pull the trigger for his services. To be honest, Hughes was really the best player back then.

Fortunately for Toronto (and the rest of the East), Billy King changed his mind and cancelled the negotiations. Maybe T-Mac and Allen Iverson could have at least one NBA title if they were teammates at the time.

McGrady of course became one of the most rebellious bombers of all time (albeit magically). Hughes had some good years, but he wasn’t a game manager like T-Mac.

Transaction: Vince Carter and Antonio Davis at the Dallas Mavericks for Dirk Nowicki and Steve Nash (2002)

We could see the VC in Dallas playing at its peak, when the blockbuster deal was made. It’s also hard to imagine Novitsky not wearing a Mavs T-shirt, but in 2002 that could have become reality.

Carter was indeed one of the brightest stars in the league at that time and received a lot of attention from the other 29 teams.

Dirk on the other hand is just starting to get a foothold in the NBA. The same goes for Nash, who hasn’t unlocked her MVP form yet. Dallas bravely proposed an international duet for Carter and Davis. They thought a possible return of the Canadian Nash might force the raptors to accept their offer.

The former GM Raptor Glen Grunwald rejected the deal for obvious reasons, because he thought Carter was too valuable to give away.

Finally, in the twilight of his career, Carter found his way to the Mavas by working with the Noviceks in 2011-14.

Steve Kerr, Krieger, Donald Trump.

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