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Published : 10. April 2020 10:00:24

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The Wadhavan brothers run ED probes as part of two PMA probes linked to gangster Iqbal Mirchi, who died in London in 2013 and is co-founder of Da Rana Kapoor. (photo file)

Police issued an order on Friday for the seizure of five luxury cars in which DHFL Kapil and Dhiraj Wadhavan supporters went to their farm in Mahabaleshwar Maharashtra during the coronavirus blockade, officials said.

According to them, the federal government has sent an official order under the Money Laundering Prevention Act (MLPA) to the Commissioner of Police of Satarstan for execution.

The cars, two Range Rover and three Toyota Fortuner, are commercially owned by Kapil Wadhavan through its controlled company RKW Construction Facility Management Pvt Ltd and another company called Golden Beach Infracon Pvt Ltd, says the order.

While two cars have Jharkhand license plates, the other has Maharashtra license plates.

The warrant stated that the vehicles were the proceeds of criminal money laundering and were therefore liable to arrest, which could also be seized at a later date.

It states that seized luxury cars cannot be treated in any way without the prior written consent of the identification authorities, according to a report.

The case investigator also asked the district police to issue a note on the Wadhawans’ arrest, attach a copy of the note to each car and keep the keys in safekeeping.

Once the arrest warrant has been issued, these vehicles may under no circumstances be used, according to the warrant.

The Wadhavan Brothers and 21 others, including their families, are currently in quarantine in Mahabaleshwar after it was reported on Thursday that they arrived in the tourist town from Khandala and were reportedly given a tour of the town on the 25th anniversary of their arrival. The European Union has broken the 21-day blockade imposed last March to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The State Police has accounted for them in accordance with the articles of the IASC and the Civil Protection Act. The brothers are investigating erectile dysfunction in two PML investigations involving Iqbal Mircea, a gangster who died in London in 2013, and Dana Rana Kapoor, co-founder of the bank.

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