The Delhi government on Thursday completed a plan to increase the total capacity of the five public hospitals for Covida-19 treatment in the city from 9,000 to 13,870 beds, including 750 ventilated beds, in three phases over the next three weeks, officials said.

Currently, these five hospitals together have about 4,500 beds and 300 ventilators for the treatment of people infected with SARS-CoV 2.

The additional plan – which was developed after the city closed on 28. 1,000 cases of Covid-19 in one day – requires five hospitals to have 4,470 beds in the first phase (on June 11, which has already been completed), another 4,650 in the second phase (on June 18) and another 4,750 in the third phase (on June 25), according to government documents reviewed by HT.


The five public hospitals are the Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialized Hospital (2,170 beds), the GTB Hospital (4,500 beds), the Loc Nayak Hospital (6,000 beds), the Deep Chand Bandhu Hospital (600 beds) and the Satyavati Raja Harish Chandra Hospital (600 beds).

The senior government officials stated that five hospitals (with additional capacity) would need a total of 110 beds with fans in the first phase, 270 beds with fans in the second phase and 370 beds in the third phase.

Of the remaining 13,120 beds (excluding ventilated beds) in the expansion plan, 9,880 beds had to be equipped with a variable-capacity oxygen unit, and 3,240 beds had to remain accessible for the recovery of patients whose health had been documented to be monitored over several days.

Between 28th and 4th May. According to government reports, an average of 1,219 cases per day were recorded in New Delhi on 30 June. The government expects these figures to increase further as economic activity and public space in New Delhi gradually opens up.

On Friday, 1,330 cases of Covid-19 were reported in Delhi, bringing the total to 26,334. The death toll is 708. Of the 15,311 active cases of Covida-19, 10,255 cases were in domestic isolation on Friday.


In another guideline issued earlier this week, the government has ordered all private hospitals with more than 50 beds to supply 20% of the total number of beds for Kovid with 19 patients.

At the same time, the government hopes to provide 2,643 extra beds for the treatment of Covida in 42 private hospitals, another series of government documents showed.

The Regulation applies to 117 hospitals and nursing homes in the city built on land purchased by the State at subsidised prices. But apart from the 42, others still have to judge the government, said a senior civil servant.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said Thursday that hospitals that do not allocate 20 per cent of their beds for Covida-19 treatment must allocate the entire hospital to fight the pandemic. The government has also allowed these hospitals to increase their total bed capacity by 25%.

Currently there are 10 specialized hospitals in Kovida, which together have about 4000 beds and 130 ventilators.

Hospitals include Max Super Specialty Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Mr. Ram Colmet Gang Hospital, Mr. Ram Colmet Municipal Hospital, Mr. Gang Ram Hospital, Mahadurgah Charitable Trust Hospital, Fortis Shalimar Bagh Hospital, Venkateshwar Hospital, Mulchand Hospital and Saroj Super Specialty Hospital.

In addition, Indira Gandhi Stadium, Chhatrasal Stadium, Siri Fort Sports Complex, Saket Sports Complex, more than 20 hotels and banquet halls have been identified by the IRS as facilities that can be converted into Kovid 19 hospitals or quarantined if necessary, the chief officer said.covid-19 map india,coronavirus news,worldometer coronavirus