The number of coronavirus cases in Maharashtra, where 229 people were tested on Thursday, reached 1,344, according to a health official. The state also reported the death of 25 patients of Kovid 19, bringing the total number of deaths to 97, he added.

Most new cases were registered in Mumbai.

So far the number of new patients and the number of deaths in one day are the highest so far, the official said.

In Dharavi, one of the largest slums in Asia, a 70-year-old boy died in Mumbai. At the same time, 125 people recovered and were discharged from public hospitals, he said.

Restricted areas in Mumbai rise to 381.

Despite the blockade of Mumbai, the number of location areas – where one or more coronavirus patients or suspicious cases were found – has risen from 146 last week to 381 on Thursday.

This indicates a rapid increase of 235 containment areas in just eight days. Of the 19 cases of Kovida in Maharashtra, more than 800 have been registered in Mumbai. Metropolis also reported 45 deaths.

According to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), these areas include various buildings, housing corporations, slums and hospitals.

More than 80% of public enterprises were registered in April.

Although Maharashtra reported the highest number of cases in the country last month, the data showed that 80.61% of these cases were detected in the first eight days of April.


The first three cases were reported in Maharashtra on the 9th day of the month. It was registered in March, when the Maharashtra State legislature held a budget meeting. The account was closed on the 23rd. The month of March exceeded 100. The daily increase was fast in double digits, except on the 26th day. Mars, where only two cases were recorded.

CMPA, your fruit and vegetable market will be closed.

Following the incident in one of your APMC segments in Mumbai Navi and the introduction of many fruit and vegetable trader associations in Mumbai, Turba and surrounding areas, the Mumbai Agricultural Commodity Committee (MACC) has closed the fruit, vegetable, onion and potato market segments until further notice.

Industries may postpone the payment of rents

To help the industry recover from the disruption caused by the pandemic, the Maharashtra Ministry of Industry on Thursday allowed companies to postpone their leases. It will also take into account industry demand to reduce or change the time it takes to pay for electricity and water.