The Chord Hugo M Scaler is a special premium upsampling element with the ability of upsampling electronic streams from 44.1 k approximately 705.6 kHZ (optimum of 768 kHz). It is valued at ₤3495

Please Note: The Chord Electronic Devices Hugo M Scaler sent out to us is an example for our truthful viewpoint. We say thanks to the group at Chord Electronic devices for providing us this chance.

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The Right Configuration

The gestation duration for this M Scaler testimonial has actually been long, maybe nearly also long. Nonetheless, the outcome is a level of experience with the capacity of this tool nearly like nothing else prior to placing pen to paper.

That is a crucial point since if you merely connect the M Scaler right into a DAC, switch on your amp as well as link some earphones you might not always obtain what the huge bargain goes to initially. That preliminary pay attention may not expose what the magic is. That, integrated with the top-tier prices, may leave you really feeling underwhelmed.

I had that preliminary problem throughout CanJam Singapore 2019 with a collection of HE5SE’s from Hifiman linked into a TT2 with the M Scaler right behind it. The HE5SE is not a recommendation earphone as well as its old-fashioned technological capacity leaves much to be preferred in regards to imaging. Its timbral high qualities are appealing, technological capacity much less so.

Selecting the appropriate configuration, the appropriate earphone as well as tracks you understand as well as recognize is essential to conquering that very first difficulty. The Hugo M Scaler is not a fast repair timbral selection. It is not an EQ device neither will certainly it redefine the core FR of any kind of earphone. The secret sauce of the M Scaler hinges on the technological domain name as well as because domain name it can as well as is entirely fantastic.

Chord M Scaler

Technology Within


Simply put, The Hugo M Scaler is a standalone upscaling tool that functions as the very first port of phone call for any kind of electronic sound resource or transportation such as a laptop computer or CD Gamer. It after that sends out the resulting upsampled electronic signal to the DAC of your selection for deciphering right into analog.

The upsampling innovation initially saw the light of day on their front runner BLU MKII digital/CD transportation launch a year or 2 ago so it is not a totally brand-new line of innovation from Chord. Nonetheless, it is formally Rob Watt’s many progressed variation at the time of composing as well as their very first such standalone tool to concentrate entirely on upsampling.


The M Scaler utilizes a complicated Xilinx XC7A200 T FPGA with 740 DSP cores to produce WTA (Watts Short-term Positioning) filtering system with the ability of upsampling electronic streams from 44.1 k approximately 705.6 kHZ (optimum of 768 kHz).

DACs such as the Hugo 2 as well as Qutest really share the exact same preliminary phase of transforming an electronic signal as the M Scaler, (upsampling). Replication? Not fairly since by utilizing the M Scaler to bypass the preliminary phase or WTA 1 this is viewed as a substantial upgrade on their supply phase 1 DAC procedure.

That is fairly crucial as essentially all DAC’s have some aspect of upsampling however maybe not as facility as the M Scaler. Consequently, routine DAC upsampling interpolation or resulting resolution might not be as exact contrasted to the M Scaler outcome. That upscaled signal is after that ultimately sent out to the linked DAC which identifies it in its brand-new upsampled state as opposed to the initial resource price.

Modular Advantages

By ‘outsourcing’ the procedure to a devoted element, not just are Chord able to devote all the power needed by the M Scaler’s interior FPGA however they, subsequently, can construct a modular system that is appropriately furnished at minimizing any kind of sound from those added power needs.

The M Scaler is additionally not limited to any kind of solitary resource such as a CD gamer. It can be affixed to any kind of suitable transportation as well as DAC. It has the capability to couple with any kind of USB-capable outcome such as a laptop computer however preferably, it functions ideal with a Chord Electronic Devices DAC for a couple of factors.

Chord DACs

Coupling With Chord DACs is not simply sales talk in support of Chord items. Whilst you can connect the M Scaler to any kind of DAC, the incorporation of double BNC ports indicates you can straight connect 2 BNC wires to the similarity the DAVE, TT2, as well as the Qutest (which we have below) as well as all will certainly acknowledge the M Scaler as well as react appropriately.

A double BNC link will certainly additionally offer you the greatest price of tasting feasible at PCM 768 kHz (from 96 kHz input). Various other solitary BNC DACs will certainly tap-out at PCM 352.8 kHz.

Naturally, you are not restricted to BNC input as well as outcomes with the M Scaler. You can additionally make use of an optical as well as coaxial outcome in addition to 2 optical inputs providing you the possibility to link to 4-5 various resources to the M Scaler as well as upsample as well as outcome to 3-4 various DACs.

Chord M Scaler


The M Scaler is clearly a Chord Electronic devices item. There is a specific principles, style circulation if you will, for any kind of Chord Electronic devices equipment from the Mojo approximately the DAVE as well as the M Scaler is no various.

Well, it needs to be in this way to fit nicely in addition to a TToby or TT2 which is just how the group has actually imagined this all integrates. For those that are originating from a Hugo or Hugo 2, it is a little bit like having a gigantic variation of that style, both are not that away.

It is additionally exceptionally durable with an extremely high degree of construct high quality. The silver-finished framework, similar to the Hugo 2 is sculpted from a light weight aluminum block as well as includes 2 components embellished with 4 rubber feet on the base as well as held with each other with 4 very discreet screws.


The front residences the exact same shade orb system as the Hugo 2 additionally, although on a much more complicated degree. From entrusted to right there are alternatives for Video clip filtering system, input option, example price in addition to 3 DX selections which just come active when they obtain an example price (DX OP) or, as Chord Electronic devices has actually mentioned when attached to future product that have yet to be exposed.

Input Option

The Hugo M Scalers input option left wing is color-coded with approximately 7 shade alternatives. 2 of these alternatives are even more of an auto-select et cetera a hands-on option. Those 2 are coded pink for automated as well as blue for automated Double BNS.

Primarily, if you establish the M Scaler to the pink it will certainly skip to whatever resource is presently attached as well as energetic without you needing to stress over slicing as well as altering. Pink will certainly be the default input option for most of systems. The staying hand-operated areas are as complies with:

  • White– USB
  • Orange– BNC 1 input
  • Red– BNC 2 input
  • Eco-friendly– Optical 1
  • Dark Blue– Optical 2

Chord M Scaler

Tasting Prices

The switchable example price or OP SR is your vital switch on the M Scaler for audio playback. Right here you can pick from 4 core alternatives as well as they are additionally color-coded:

  • Red– reduced
  • Eco-friendly– tool
  • Blue– high
  • White– optimum

The classifications are a little crude however it is extra a top-level analysis of what to anticipate. The real example prices you will certainly obtain under each classification do differ with aspects such as the input tool, (USB, BNC or optical) as well as the outcome cable television (BNC, dual-BNC, as well as optical).

For referral functions, just Dual-BNC outcome will certainly offer you the leading price of 768 kHz outcome. Optical outcome has an optimum upsampling capacity of 176.4 kHz which is rational considering you can not go better than 24/192 on an optical user interface. If you are utilizing hi-res data currently, (24/192), the advantage of utilizing optical outcome upsampling is limited to none.

If you choose to make use of a solitary BNC input or solitary BNC outcome to a third celebration DAC after that the optimum tasting price is covered at 352.8 kHz input as well as 384 kHz outcome. Also if your input is USB as well as your outcome is a solitary BNC after that the outcome price coincides. This is the advantage of going Dual-BNC with Chord very own DACs which can obtain a Dual-BNC cable television input.

Video Clip Filtering

Simply a note on the far-left video clip filtering system function which is somewhat various from the core switchable example choice. You will certainly not obtain fairly the optimum faucet size as well as example price outcome utilizing video clip due to the latency integral in the upsampling procedure.

The video clip function therefore decreases the tasting partially to accomplish an appropriate sync with sound as well as video clip from your resource data. Having actually attempted that utilizing YouTube as well as some high little bit price neighborhood storage space video clip data I can validate it does precisely that.

Chord M Scaler


Another feature, as well as one that Chord Electronic devices item customers usually locate essential is the capacity to lower those orb lights. You can lower or improve the orb light stamina using the last 2 DX switches. Typically talking, I often tend to take them completely down so they do not sidetrack me when seeing a film or streaming.

The Orb light series operates in similar fashion as the Hugo or Qutest as well as with double BNC I have actually discovered our Qutest to match the shade series of the M Scaler, specifically for example prices which are really guaranteeing.

Chord M Scaler


The back panel is even more of a typical hi-fi style as opposed to the inset Hugo 2 design which I simulate. Mind you it is not actually feasible to inset BNC links as well as there are 5 coaxial outlets for that, with 4 committed for BNC (input as well as outcome) as well as one for SPDIF (outcome).

The Hugo M Scaler does make use of a changing 15 V/4A SMPS power supply however I am informed the power needs are not that high for a desktop computer item.

In the center, you have 3 optical ports, 2 for input as well as 1 for outcome as well as a solitary USB outlet for getting an electronic signal from the similarity your COMPUTER or various other electronic sound transportation.

This is my very first time dealing with BNC wires however I am amazed with their securing device. Simply a straightforward press, spin as well as launch as well as it holds tight. the wires additionally appear quite strong though not horribly long so you do require your partnering DAC rather close.

Chord M Scaler


The Hugo M Scaler is created to be the very first quit electronic cpu from whatever transportation you are utilizing as well as prior to the resource signal is deciphered to analog by a DAC.

As long as you have an outward bound link either using USB, coaxial or optical after that the configuration is completely approximately you as well as the system you have. Simply keep in mind to maintain your input selector on the automated input pink shade orb choice so you can relocate swiftly in between numerous resources.

We would certainly state, nevertheless, a USB/dual-BNC input/output is most likely to generate one of the most advantageous outcomes provided its capacity to send at a greater price than optical.


For the testimonial, we selected a Windows 10 Acer Nitro configuration, Roon as well as Foobar2000 Submit playback remained in FLAC from 44.1 K approximately DSD512 in addition to a choice of video clip streamed or on exterior storage space.

From the Qutest we have our analog signal originally attached to the Auris HA-2SE as well as Xi Sound’s Solution S. Nonetheless, we discovered that electrostatic boosting as well as electrostatic earphones to be one of the most outstanding with the M Scaler.

Beyond electrostatic earphones, we concentrated on utilizing the outstanding Diana Phi or Hifiman’s Susvara which are 2 planar earphones I think can best record the means the M Scaler alters the discussion.

We do have another very qualified upsampling tool, the NuPrime CDP-09, which is mainly a DAC as well as CD Gamer however does have some switchable example prices. You will certainly learn straight contrast additionally on web page 2 of the testimonial.

Chord M Scaler Accessories

Add-on & Product Packaging

Absolutely nothing fancy below actually, it is even more of a typical Hi-Fi design unboxing experience with a wide variety of brownish cardboard as well as gridwork foam bars safeguarding both the system as well as the device boxes for transport. You will certainly not locate anything ‘Hollywood’ with the M Scaler unpacking experience.

Chord M Scaler


The accessory line-up for the M Scaler can be found in 2 ordinary brownish rectangle-shaped boxes as well as loaded with all the important to obtain the M Scaler up as well as running. Even more than that they consist of a number of BNC coupler ended wires which indicates you can connect your TT, Qutest, or DAVE immediately for optimum efficiency.

The complete device align is as complies with:

  • 1.5 m 15 v 4A Changing power supply
  • IR Push-button Control (with 2 non-rechargeable Chord Electronic devices branded batteries)
  • Double BNC Cables
  • M Scaler Customer Handbook
  • USB Cord
  • Optical cable television

Hang onto that remote. In our screening to day, the remote has actually been outstanding. An item like the M Scaler, whilst not precisely being put concealed is hardly ever something I intend to constantly stroll throughout the area or grab to alter example prices or inputs throughout paying attention. The remote deals with every little thing for that lazy person way of living that we audiophiles completely accept.

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