Captain America’s concept art: The First Avenger and the Winter Soldier indicate that the hero’s cult costume changes over time. Over the years, Steve Rogers has undergone a number of aesthetic changes, which have changed again with the War of Infinity and the Avengers: The game is over. Now fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe will benefit from totally different changes, because in the future Sam Wilson will take over the shield. Rogers gave up his gun after he went back in time to spend his life with Peggy Carter.

The latest concept art MCU comes from conceptual artist Marvel Ryan Meinering. He posted two different photos of Captain America: The first avenger and the winter soldier side by side. Then he asked the fans if they could see the difference between the two points of view. Despite the fact that the appearance is very different, little has changed, with the exception of the darker colour, which seems more battle-orientated than the winter soldier. But there’s something to consider when looking at these two suits.

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Steve Rogers took over from Captain America: The Winter Soldier costume from the Smithsonian exhibition. It should be a suit he wore during World War II. Still, it is an interesting coincidence to see the differences between them and the fans, it seems nice to notice them in the comments. Thanks to Ryan Minerring and other MCU fans, there was a lot to do on social networking sites. In recent months a large part of conceptual art has gone online, while Galaxy Guardians Director James Gunn organized a virtual demonstration of the Galaxy Guardians earlier this week.

Thor: Director Ragnaroka Taika Vaititi also participated in the show on social networks and answered questions from fans. There isn’t much going on in the entertainment industry right now, so it’s nice to see Marvel Studios appear and try to entertain the fans. Now we have plenty of time to explore the MCU while we try to watch all the movies in a certain chronological order. From there it would be even more interesting to see Captain America’s costumes from later films than from the first.

Chris Evans retired from Uniform Captain America after the Avengers: The game is over. It is assumed that the actor has finished the role of Steve Rogers after all these years. Although MCU fans may be upset by this, there are many films they can watch to see how hard they have worked. Evans trains with his teammates and remains in superhero form, so an IPO seems perfect at the moment. You can check Captain America: The art of the First Avenger and Winter Soldier concept is lowered thanks to Ryan Minerding’s Instagram report.

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