In the hope of preventing the spread of the coronavirus, Netflix subscribers around the world are quarantined and try to prevent severe cases of fever in their living rooms. While some of us continue to work at home, others have infinite time to spend at home and away from others. Streaming services and social media are the only things that ensure that people who isolate themselves stay healthy, but because these services often offer you the same movies on a regular basis, we have a few older movies and a few classics that you may have missed.

Although things seem pretty scary in the world, some of our subscribers can stay away from something remotely disturbing, while others prefer to deal with much more gruesome scenarios than the threats we currently face.

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Last extrusion (2010)

Whatever some viewers may think because of the title, this film has nothing to do with the series Exorcists.

A practicing exorcist has documentary makers join him in one of his religious interventions and let them know that he simply used a number of different tricks in the living room to suggest that there is a supernatural phenomenon going on. He points out that exorcism is a psychology, and that it simply provides the possessed with the service they think they need to experience truly inexplicable events.

So as not to get in the way, Der letzte Exorzismus offers instead a mocking experience full of strong performances and a truly amazing finale.

Life after Beth (2014)

The sudden death of Beth (Aubrey Plaza) breaks the heart of her boyfriend Zack (Dane De Haan) and seeks comfort from his parents. When Zach shows up at her house, he sees Beth inside, which is weird if you’re supposed to be dead. Beth’s parents said their daughter mysteriously appeared after the funeral with no memory of her death. So Zach was able to continue their relationship despite the fact that she was a rotting corpse.

With its excellent composition, Life After Beth is the perfect door to the film for someone who is not a zombie purist and who is involved in the elements of the romantic comedy that the film fully delivers. Life after Beth may be a short story of fears in itself, but it is a moving allegory of how difficult it is for us to leave our loved ones behind and how we can move on in life.

Train to Busan (2016)

Glacier bus(Photo: Next entertainment world)

Especially thanks to The Walking Dead, zombies have become more popular than ever, even though a number of films offered nothing more than a formal study of undead spirits. Fortunately, the train to Busan was ready to bring the zombie genre to an impressive level, both in action and in emotion.

As the name suggests, an outbreak of zombies starts in a train to Busan, forcing passengers not only to find a way to stay alive, but also to try to prevent the spread of exotic diseases.

While some viewers may think the zombie film is a one-off, which limits the potential of such an adventure, the train to Busan offers one surprise after another and sees the scenario more as a force than an obstacle. The emotional depth of the story is not only a fascinating mix of action and horror, it is as strong as the fears.

Final destination (2000)

The Last Fate, which began in the 1990s, served as a refreshing massacre in which the villain died in person. Thanks to a new cast, the film has revived the subgenre grinder over the past decade, but this film is much more and much less than its competitors.

When a high school student on board of an airplane has the feeling that the plane is going to crash, he and a handful of classmates get off the plane to make that feeling come true. After these souls are torn from death, the survivors of a series of terrible accidents caused by Rube Goldberg begin to meet their Creator.

While other young assassins tried to provide their killers with convincing stories, they realized in Final Destination that the thought of death is the most frightening thing imaginable and had the story destroyed in a miraculously cruel way. More than the heroes themselves, the public remains faithful to their death, knowing that their death is inevitable.

Autopsy unknown (2016)

(Photo: IFC Midnight)

The body of a mysterious woman arrives at the morgue and asks the father and son of a team of undertakers to examine the body. The couple begins to expose bizarre insinuations and inexplicable wounds about the woman, while around her terrible events begin to unfold and the mystery becomes more and more complex.

In this exciting episode of CSI, combined with a ghost story, the autopsy of the unknown makes viewers think about whether the threats facing the undertakers are real or just in their heads. The film, directed by André Øvredal, is a much narrower version of some of the horrible stories we saw in his Tales of Terror told in the dark.

Samples (2016)

The director of Strangers, Bryan Bertino, takes us through another stressful and disturbing experience that takes us on a more supernatural path.

When a mother is ordered to take her distant daughter to her father’s house in the middle of a violent storm, their mutual hostility grows and their journey is interrupted by car trouble. As soon as they discover that car breakdown is the least of their worries, the mysterious beast hides behind their car in the dark.

Just as the differences between the couples in The Strangers worsened the horror, the stormy mother-daughter relationship in The Monster made the traditional being much more effective.

Comes at night (2017)

at night (Photo: A24)

An unexplained virus infects most of mankind and forces a family to flee to a cabin in the forest. Life is difficult, but they have the means to survive until another family comes along and tells them they have no other hope but to survive. This new family can pose various threats or provide them with the necessary support, and the paranoia of each family is the biggest obstacle they have to overcome.

The greatest power of a film, considered by some as the biggest mistake, is the little we will ever know about the threats that kill so many people. This allows our mind to wander in all sorts of terrible ways and enhances the experience for each viewer according to his or her own imagination.horror movie on netflix too scary to watch,watch scary movies,netflix movies horror list,netflix horror movies by rating,disturbing horror movies on netflix,weird horror movies on netflix,worst horror movies on netflix,scary netflix movie everyone is talking about